A Day on the Green, Mount Duneed Estate, 11/01/2020

Travelling nearly two hours for a gig is not something many people are willing to do, but I am – especially when it’s to see one of your all time favourite bands.  It adds to the adventure, and actually makes the whole thing feel like more of an event, rather than just another gig.

You should try it sometime…


Opening the event was Magic Dirt.  With a near 30 year career, the Geelong natives, were possibly the perfect choice for first act of the day.

As the band charged through a set that covered all eras of their career, the crowd was extremely receptive to their mix of fuzzy distorted guitars, and borderline pop melodies.   

The band were genuinely enthusiastic in playing to their massive hometown crowd, and that was easy to see.


Great set, great start to the day.

Up next was Birds of Tokyo.  This is a band that I have previously expressed a slight distaste for, but as they energetically ripped through their set of radio friendly anthems, they really earned my respect.

They are a band who give it their all on stage, and they really seem to captivate the crowd.  The music is infectiously catchy, and hard to not engage with.

They won me over, to the point where I found myself listening to them the next morning, and hearing all of their songs with a completely new perspective.  I am now a Birds of Tokyo fan.


The man, the myth, the legend – Paul Kelly took the stage next.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Kelly perform two stripped back, and quite short sets previously, but this was different.  Full band, full production, full set.


It feels special to watch this Australian music icon in all his glory, and the moment isn’t lost on me.  Having the almost equally iconic Vika and Linda Bull performing backing vocals also added to the special feel.

With a set comprised of all of his greatest hits, the crowd was enthusiastically singing along with every word.  When Vika took front and centre for some powerful lead vocals on Kelly’s “Sweet Guy”, it was one of the highlights.


It’s safe to say that Paul Kelly hasn’t missed a beat, and if you are afforded the opportunity to see him live, grab it with both hands, because you won’t be disappointed.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s the mighty Cold Chisel.  The crowd is at a fever pitch for this legendary Australian band – and is actually becoming a little unruly – the gig is at a winery, so a lot of alcohol has been consumed throughout the day…

Chisel is absolutely on fire, as they rip through a set heavy on the big hits, but also featuring four of the tracks from their excellent 2019 album, Blood Moon.  The new material works just as well as the classics, and the entire set is brilliant.


Ian Moss is an underrated guitar god, Charlie Drayton kills it on the drums, and Barnsey’s vocals are powerful as ever – even some mic issues early in the set couldn’t bring the vibe down.  Don Walker and Phil Small bring the entire package together so well.

This is another band that needs to be seen by all.  This was not my first time seeing them, but I was still in awe of such an iconic band playing right before my eyes.  They really turn the whole crowd into putty in their hands.

All in all, this was another fantastic day of music.  Kudos to the Day on the Green organisers for another excellent event.  Not my first Day on the Green, and certainly not my last.


Shayne McGowan.

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