World of Beer – Birra Moretti


Birra Moretti is one of the smoothest beers from Italy.  After being sick, this brew is like a magic pill, in liquid form. Ok, mixing pills and alcohol is bad, so just take this one beer that’s been frothing since 1859.

Being the first Italian beer I’ve had ( enjoyed many fine wines, that wash a pizza down well, or just a couple bottles of wine). Yet these days, a beer is well worth it after a tough week at work. ‘’The Italian passion for brewing’’ is a statement ready for an anthem.

This beer is very smooth and light, with a slight crisp sting after a swig. Birra Moretti is refreshing; you can sit down under the sun and endure in this Premium Lager.

What makes this beverage better; it is IMPORTED, original, natural and organic from its mother land.

A fine dine at a 10/10

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