Fun With Explosives, From The Well, PistonFist and Black Whiskey, Vinnies – 11/01/2020

We were excited to get to a gig after the festive season break. We have seen Pistonfist a number of times and were keen to see some bands that we hadn’t yet experienced.

Fun with Fireworks


These folks exploded onto the stage, getting the festivities going with a bang. With a name like that, we should have expected as much!

From the outset, the vocalist prowled the stage and then into the crowd. He had a dynamic stage presence, drawing the crowd in and pumping us up. He also had an impressive vocal range, with a  confronting, gravelled voice one moment, then a more melodic one when appropriate.

I was really impressed by the technical merit of the guitarist and the connection between him and the bassist. The whole band meshed well as a unit.

The sound was driving metal, but with real texture.

A song that was called “Going to War” (apologies if I got that wrong) really got got things pumping.

All of the band members got their time in the sun, with all showing great skill.

This band was a surprise packet, rollicking with intensity and with a sound that was fast and technical just below the surface.

This set was a cracker, chock full of infectious energy and enthusiasm.

From the Well


From the Well whet our appetites with a BIG sound. With 5 members – vocals, 2 guitars, bass and drums, there was a good deal of flexibility in their offerings.

Their style was metal that told a tale, with lots going on in every moment. It had an elegant complexity, with high quality musicianship underscoring their muscular and melodic sound. The vocalist’s voice proved to be dynamic and versatile.

One song really grabbed me – it may have been called “Let Me See Your Heart”. It was cleverly written and passionately performed.

They powered on through their set, with the pace never letting up. As a hack guitarist, I appreciated their musical composition. It made sense to me and I found myself humming along and I even played some air guitar…

This was another band that infected us with their sound.


The name “Pistonfist” is perfect for these folks. Like a piston, their sound comes around again and again, powerfully and with an intent to drive things forward. At pace.

The fist part I reckon is all about their sound punching your heart and mind, a wake up call in some ways.

Even in their tune up, we could tell that this band kicked arse. People came from everywhere and stayed.

When the set began, we were enveloped by their intense brand of metal. These folks are extremely talented musicians and they gel together expertly. They are tighter than a penguin’s arsehole…

And that’s waterproof.

Nothing was hurried, but it was intense and you get lost in the music. Their sound belied that this was a 4 piece band. Their stage presence is dynamic and they engaged with the crowd, drawing us into their realm.

Geoffro’s trademark vocals are to be experienced to be believed. I’m not going to attempt to describe them, but when you hear them, they are unforgettable.

They performed “Inferno” as a tribute to the folks of the emergency services, particularly the firies. They also performed songs about alcohol addiction and one that tells the big corporations to “go fuck themselves”. They also closed with “Black Rain”, a song about checking on your mate to make sure that they’re ok and that it is ok for you to ask for help when you need it.

This was metal with a genuine social conscience. However, if you ever get the chance to meet these folks, you’ll quickly learn that this awareness is not a gimmick. They genuinely believe in these ideals and principles.

This set went off! It was a synergistic display of what a band should be – together, greater than the sum of its parts. Killer sound, enthusiastic, crowd engagement, social conscience. A real masterclass of metal.

Black Whiskey

Black Whiskey closed out the night with a cohesive and cogent brand of metal.

Rollicking rhythms and bombastic beats were backed up by vocals that were strong and tight. The vocalist really knew how to pump us up when it counted and when we needed a brief reprieve from the shenanigans.

They had a full sound that filled the room. Musically they were excellent, with an obvious connection between the band members that made for a complete sound that showed heart.

They did a cover of “Smoking in the Boys’ Room” that was fabulous. I really enjoy it when a band knows which song to cover to suit their sound and style and this was a perfect fit.

I look forward to seeing Black Whiskey whenever I can – it was an outstanding set.

Vinnies was a great venue. The sound quality was excellent and there were places to sit, including booths. The staff were friendly and efficient and the crowd certainly knew how to have a good time. The atmosphere is amazing, with posters of gigs covering every available surface.

In the words of Geoffro from Pistonfist, “I don’t know who Vinnie is, but he must be fucking awesome.”

Thanks to all for giving us much needed metal injection.

Greg Noble.

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