Band of the Month: Warbirds


Warbirds are a dynamic hard rock trio from Melbourne. Mostly inspired by bands from the 70’s through to the 90’s, they combine heavy groove based riffs with catchy, melodic rock melodies and a hint of prog throughout, completed with compelling, emotive vocals, they create their own brand of modern styled rock with classic tones. 

This finger licking 3 piece currently comprising of vocalist/lead guitarist Anth Nekich, Drummer Leroy (Lee) Strapp and stand-in bassist for live shows, Benjamin Strapp, (the band are in the process of securing a permanent bass player), have been around the circuit for about 5 years and can dish out the goods both in the studio and live on stage. 

Having seen them play a few times, Warbirds are fantastic live and hit the stage with all guns blazing. They deliver a huge, heavy powerful sound that would normally come out of a 5 piece, and with a barrage of guitar riffs and solos shaking the foundations, you’d be forgiven to think that some of the band’s namesake are flying above!  

With 2 awesome EPs under their belt, Almost In Reach (2014) and Control (2017), and off the back of their album launch in October, Warbirds are tying up some loose ends and will soon unleash to the public their debut full length album, Order From Chaos. 

Recorded and mixed by Mat Robins and produced by Mat Robins & Warbirds at Coloursound Recording Studio, with the exception of the bonus track, the 2015 single, Reality Check, which was produced by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios, it’s a very strong and solid album, showcasing how much the band has grown since their last 2 EPs. 

Clocking in at just a little over an hour, 14 tracks all killer no filler, it’s chock-a-block full of rippin’ guitar riffs, big solos, heavy deep grooves and great songs with sing-a-long choruses. 

The highlight for me are the vocals, you can really feel the emotion in singer, Anth’s vocal delivery to the point where I literally get goosebumps during certain parts of the songs. Incredible voice, particularly on the slower tracks. 

Also as the lead guitarist, with ‘that’ voice and those massive guitar tones both executed in exemplary fashion, and knowing that after the departure of former bassist, Jared Piatkowski, the album was recorded as a 2 piece with Anth laying down most of the bass parts, not only makes this release even more unbelievable, but makes him one of the most gifted local musicians going around and can easily fit in with the worlds best.

The album flows smoothly, each track rises and falls beautifully, lyrics are well constructed and songs favour various feels and emotions.

Hard to pick favourites when every song is brilliant and different from each other. They change with every listen depending what mood I’m in. However, my absolute standout is the EPIC title track, Order From Chaos, just WOW! The opening vocals on this song are sensational let alone the blistering guitar solo in the middle. Other favourites (at time of writing) include the vigorous opener Slave, the hard rocking Contain the Rage, the powerful Lost, Collider, which opens with a Middle Eastern influenced riff, and The Suffering, a bumper of a track.

With the addition of three earlier singles, which sit nicely within the new tracks on the album, Control, My Symphony – the skyrocketing ballad that seems to be the crowd pleaser and also happens to be one of my personal all time favourite songs, (both from the Control EP), and the catchy Reality Check, Order From Chaos makes the perfect package for the new listener to the band. 

As the line from the only single released so far, Freak in the Night suggests, don’t get “caught out like a fox in the spotlight”, go check out the band if you haven’t already, especially if you’re into anyone like Led Zeppelin, Van Halen through to Audioslave and Alter Bridge, or just a rock fan in general. They will not disappoint. 

Such is the high caliber of this album, given the chance, it should cement Warbirds on the world map and get them some recognition that they so deserve. Incidentally an European tour is on the cards at some point and I’m sure they will be well received over there.

Order From Chaos is an outstanding debut album, one which will be pleasuring my ears and numerous others for many years to come.

Keep an eye out on their social media pages and webpage  for the date as to when they will be available, and grab yourself a copy.

Here’s the video to the first single from the album, Freak in the Night.

-Sonia Donnabella 

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