Prong – Age of Defiance (2019)


Formed in 1986, Prong have undergone all of the trials and tribulations that a band can go through, most notably line up changes.  They always seem to recover, and this new EP, Age of Defiance,proves that they are still as great, and vital, as ever.

The title track kicks things off, with a heavy chugging riff that is a great way to start.  Prong are great at being superbly heavy, and completely catchy at the same time.  It’s very easy to vibe with these tracks – pulsating and rhythmic, but something you can easily sing along with.  A little industrial flavour adds a lot to the mix too.

End of Sanity is brilliant.  Tommy Victor is not only a fantastic guitarist, but an excellent lyricist as well.  Here he offers up a glimpse into a world in decay – where everybody is losing their minds in one way or another, and nobody cares.  It’s unsurprisingly, a very riff driven track.  That is Prongs M.O, and they do it well.

Rude Awakening is almost pop meets metal.  It moves along with an upbeat tempo, and some fantastic guitar work.  Don’t let that upbeat tempo fool you though, the lyrics are bleak, and perfect.  This is a highlight of a very strong EP.

Another Worldly Device brings in a healthy dose of hardcore flavour.  The vocals are yelled at us, the guitars stutter and chug, and your head will nod along whether you like it or not – it’s just that kind of track.  It will worm its way in.

Final track, Cut Rate is possibly the heaviest on offer.  There’s an element of thrash at play here, however there’s still plenty of weighty riffs to go along with the speed, and the hardcore element is still very much at play.

The entire EP is only 19 minutes long, and I want MORE!


Shayne McGowan.

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