World of Beer: New Years edition..

New Years Eve is almost upon us, and while it’s no longer the “event” that it used to be for me (shit, I’m lucky if I can even make it to midnight these days), it is still a time of celebration and joy!

Of course, a cheeky adult beverage or two, always goes hand in hand with a good celebration, so our man Greg Noble continues to (not so) reluctantly dive head first into “research”, and offers up some suggestions for a good New Years drink…

Burleigh Brewing Co. “Bighead No-carb Lager”

F639E9DE-16C7-4BA4-85D7-E9918C52CB8CYes, you read that right. NO CARBS! It also has no preservatives and no added sugar.  Some folks also see that as meaning “no taste”, but they didn’t like “The Rise of Skywalker”…

It poured with a vibrant straw colour and the head was significant that had a satisfying duration.

The aroma was that of toast and citrus.

The flavour was that of buttered toast, green pear and a hint of sourdough.

It was dry and of medium body and had a medium, stimulating finish. The finish on the palate was clean and satisfying.

This is my go-to party beer. At 4.2% alcoholic volume and 1.1 standard drinks, you can have a few and get good bang for buck, without the bloating.


4 Pines “Pacific Ale”

63E9AF02-AC8B-424A-810E-F2D28AAA60F1Ironically, we’re just back from the beach. This beer would have been awesome in front of waves, over a barbie.

It poured with a hazy, honey colour and delivered a good head.

It’s aromas were fruity and floral.

The taste was vibrant and sweet, with hints of malt and pineapple. It had a dry, smooth finish.

It was a mid-strength beer at 3.5% alcohol volume and delivered 0.9 standard drinks. I reckon this beer was be excellent for an arvo of prawns and cricket in the back yard.


3 Pub Circus Pale Ale, featuring Hairy Mary.

C31C85E2-E86A-409F-BC7B-6388FB081048Hairy Mart. Quite topical for Christmas Eve. Will I go to Hell for that?

This was a bold American style pale ale. I was really surprised at the pour – it was a deep colour, almost amber – and the head was resilient.

Its aromas were those of pine and tropical fruit.

The taste was that of citrus, with a deep malt character of hops and a slight bitterness.

It was mild on the palate, with a deep initial flavour burst, that finished well.

It contained 4.9% alcohol volume and delivered 1.3 standard drinks.

Hairy Mary, full of grace: you are welcome at my place.


Tinnies Tropical XPA (Extra Pale Ale – I didn’t know, either.)

1538E05D-6763-4958-A511-F9BB2BCE8A74You saw the can, right? My wife wanted to keep it, because it’s “art”.

Sydney artist Alex Lehours designed the bright Tropical XPA can. The graffiti creator says he was inspired by the brewing process and the summer season.

“The design is really an explosion of the thoughts and ideas that would be going through a brewer’s mind as part of that process. And it’s all held together with a wave to bring home the summer-ness of it all,” says Lehours.

This beer is brewed by Back Lane Brewing in Dandenong. Onyas. It also won “Country Winner” at the World Beer Award 2019. Crikey!

It poured with a pale gold colour with a slight haze and it had a big head, that lasted well.

The aromas were those of mango, lychee and citrus. The tastes were those or tropical and citrus. I was not enamoured with my first taste, but it quickly won me over.

It had a tingly hopped finish, with low bitterness.

Its 4.2% alcohol volume delivered 1.2 standard drinks.

I would see this as a great beer to be paired with pizza and Netflix. Binge all three of those all you like.


Yeastie Boys Bigmouth Session IPA

233AE3B1-2DB5-4672-B334-E652ED0ED97AWhen I am standing at the door of the beer fridge at the bottle shop, I am usually somewhat indecisive about which single beers to grab to review. The name and the can design of this one sealed the deal.

The name is super clever.

This variant is brewed both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

It poured with a golden straw colour and the head was here to stay.

It had bold tropical and white wine aromas.

It’s taste was tropical, of grapefruit, lemon and those on the tarter end of the scale. It had a smooth mouth feel, leaving with a dry, bitter finish of wheat and oats.

It’s 4.4% alcohol volume delivered 1.2 standard drinks.

I found it to be light and easy drinking. This would be a great shower beer after a long, hot day, with the rest of the 6 pack going down very well over a barbie, or anywhere really.


4 Pines Brewing Co. Pale Ale

60961912-3A30-41EB-ABBB-3A133250739CBrewed by the folks in Manly, this beer combines 4 varieties of American hops – Citra, Amarillo, Cascade and Simcoe. Whatever that means…

When poured, it was bright in character and had a solid head that included some medium sized bubbles.

The aromas and taste were biscuity, with hints of malt.

It had a smooth, malt finish that was slightly bitter.

It’s alcohol volume was 5.1% and it delivered 1.3 standard drinks.

It was a refreshing beer that begged for prawns and buttered white bread.


Greg Noble.


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