World of Beer – Metallica: Enter Night


Stone Brewery and Metallica’s “Enter Night Pilsner”

Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth have their own brews, so it’s logical that there is a Metallica variant. (Rammstein have tequila – what could go wrong?!) Though, with a cancelled tour because James went into rehab, this release seems a bit… odd.

The beer poured well, with a vibrant, light colour, good clarity, bubbly carbonation and a thick head. Like Lars.

The aroma was grassy and herbal, with notes of sourdough and lemon.

It was light and smooth, with an initial grainy taste, followed by grapefruit and it ended with a bitter and tangy finish. This was great, because beer is about the taste – nothing else matters.


At 470ml and 5.7% Alcohol Volume delivering 2.1 standard drinks, if you’re not careful, you’ll soon be gripping your pillow tight.

It was a solid and interesting experience, easier to swallow than some of Metallica’s later offerings.


Greg Noble.

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