Frogg – A Reptilian Dystopia (2019)

The latest on the review table lies Frogg a technical metal band from Connecticut and hot off the press the release of their EP “A Reptillian Dystopia”. The EP consists of 4 tracks “Ancient Rain”, “Nuclear Storm”, :DNA” and “Ranidaphobia”.
I’m not going to do a breakdown of each track on this one as I feel I would just be repeating myself because I found it very difficult to find different ways to describe each track and being so little in number it just seems pointless. Instead I will briefly give you the lowdown.
Vocally Frogg are strong, growly, punchy and dark with the full power of heavy metal screamo in toe. Their sound intoxicatingly heavy with rich poundy sounds. If you like it heavy Frogg is definitely for you and the EP won’t disappoint.
A piece of useless information I learnt from listening to this EP is that Ranidaphobia is indeed a fear of frogs and toads. Interesting.
Also to add their artwork for ‘A Reptillian Dystopia ‘ is as dark if not darker than they are.
I can’t say that I am a huge fan of this style of music however I can appreciate it for what it was. I’m more lyrical and screamo just doesn’t do it for me because I like to understand what I’m hearing, at least most of the time.
For those of you who like the stylings of bands such as Born of Osiris and Obscura you might enjoy this. I couldn’t decide what to rate it as I am not a big fan of the style, but if I put it in the basket of accepting it for what is was then well I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it so we will go straight for the middle.
Steph Suter-James.

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