Carcass – Under the Scalpel Blade 2019, single)


Carcass are back with a new track, UNDER THE SCALPEL BLADE, from their upcoming follow up to the masterwork of an album Surgical Steel (2013).

This band paved the way for Grindcore/Goregrind and even Melodic death metal, having disbanded in 1999 and returning in 2008, the band still has power.

Under the Scalpel Blade is very much like Incarnated Solvent Abuse from the band’s third album Necroticism.

Theres blast sections, mainly bursts then a slow sludge rock verse. It’s a very good sign having blasts and a different sound also, THERE’S A SOLO and Bill Steer backing vocals.  Jeff’s vocals are very tight and crisp, the guitars and bass are rich and thick, and the drums, just finish off the taste beautifully.

It isn’t as amazing as Captive Bolt Pistol ( 1st new song from Surgical Steel) but Under the Scalpel Blade is a fine start to the new album, in a fairly good direction, maybe back to the Necroticism roots or even further to the Symphonies of Sickness era.

Carcass will be in Australia for Download 2020.

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