Knasterbart – Perlen Vor Die Saue (2019)

Ok. First let it be known I do not speak a word of German so this band could of been singing about pickling your grandmother and I would of been none the wiser hahaha..
That being said, I still took a gander at a 7 piece Folk Rock group from Germany, by the name of Knasterbart and their new offering Perlen Fur Die Saue .
The title kicks it off. ” Perlen Fur Die Saue” had an interesting intro of a squealing pig. When it got into the track the instruments had a catchy folk sound. And though I don’t understand a word of German the vocal was pleasent and catchy too.. I surprisingly liked it.
“Ringelpiez am Kiez” featured a punchy vocal. This track kind of reminded me of Ireland but with a twist of German. It almost had the feeling of going to a pub and your soccer team just won and everyone is partying and chanting. Didn’t mind it.
“Kneipenschlagerei” reminded me of a Benny Hill skit with it’s opening (don’t know who I’m talking about Google it). This track felt fun.
“Backpfeifensonate in d-Moll” had lots of fiddle/violin. Featuring an almost sturdy sounding guitar and a slight chant. Musical and up near.
“Banbis Mama” had a slow intro and a baby voice followed by a deep vocal that felt very meaningful. Though I don’t speak German I could feel the feelings through the vocal, which is a talent. Any artist that can make me feel from their voice alone deserves praise.
All in all I enjoyed it. Many others would too I feel. I find it so hard to comment on what I don’t understand but this one grabbed me..
Enjoy it to for yourself.
Steph Suter-James.

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