Sons of Alpha Centauri – Buried Memories (2019)

Sons of Alpha Centauri are back to release “Buried Memories”, a collaborative post metal work and the second part of the journey that started with last album Continuum (2018).
This unique release has been mixed by industrial metal icon Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu…) and ambient gloom metal maestro James Plotkin (Khanate, Jodis etc.). Buried Memories contains two 10 minute slabs of eclectic ambient progressive rock and a series of interpretative remixes of the theme tracks by both Broadrick and Plotkin.
Justin Broadrick collaborates with the band on side A through the progressive riff saga of Hitmen which he has mixed and also provided two remixes in his guise as Jesu and another as the eponymous JK Flesh. These three pieces of music elapse over 27 minutes of pure instrumental voyage in a way only Sons of Alpha Centauri and Justin Broadrick could deliver.
James Plotkin and SOAC collaborate through several tracks including Warhero a sprawling 10 minute odyssey and a masterful remix of SS Montgomery.
A fascinating instrumental fly through three version of the same amazing piece “Hitmen”, an oneiric voyager floating and melancholic, a pleasant and deep listening. Deep because you are kidnapped, you can feel the impalpable atmosphere that only music can give, instilling an atmosphere of solitude and peace.
I can’t say which one is the best version because all three elaborate different paths but in the same way, they remain faithful to the gloomy and melancholic atmosphere that those who know the band, can understand. For those who don’t know Sons of Alpha Centauri yet, their music is an interweaving of grace, a deep vibrating being and music to breathe, that kind of music that can make you feel good about yourself.
If up to now the atmosphere has been gloomy, with “Warhero” it lightened slightly, giving life to a song that, although it is profound, somehow manages to revive the soul.
With “Remembrance” we return to the dark atmosphere, an abyssal depth that manages to transport between its marked and intense notes, the only piece of short during which manages to concentrate a strong sense of introspection, as if it were an inner journey.
“SS Montgomery” last piece, is oriented more towards a metal industrial reinforced by an electronic component, which does not disprove the genius of these musicians.
Sons of Alpha Centauri has style, his own, in composing music and offering it to the public.
If you don’t really know this band, my advice is to listen to this latest work and let you be fascinated.

Valeria Campagnale.

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