Blindspot – Final Allure (2019)


I spent a lot of time going to see bands like The Meanies, Body Jar, Frenzal Rhomb, Area 7 and an all but unknown The Living End, back in my late teens.  It was a simpler time in my life – no bills, no worries.  As I listen to Final Allure, a smile spreads across my face, because it successfully transports me back to those days.

Blindspot are a Perth based punk rock outfit, who have gigged relentlessly since their 2011 formation, earning support slots with the likes of Black Flag and Agent Orange along the way.   For their latest release, Blindspot really have raised the bar.  The lyrics are relatable and often tongue in cheek, the playing is exactly as it needs to be, and the whole record comes off as a perfectly modern take on punk rock.

Ten tracks, spread over thirty one minutes in total, make this a very easy listen.  From the opening track, Gaslight Anthem, I’m instantly hooked.  It’s catchy, but raw and has an urgency to it that is extremely easy to engage with.

Heart Half Full is bolstered by an infectious riff and a chorus that will have punters singing along and pumping their fists high in the air.  Zuckerpunch sees the band take a look at social media and the manipulation of our information for advertising purposes.

Something slightly different comes our way in the form of Dark and Stormy.  It begins with a slow and moody intro, but when it properly fires up, it’s bouncy and rather huge.  This is fantastically well done.  Some excellent guitar work later in the piece really helps to carry home the overall track.

The Right Swipe is a fun, tongue in cheek look at dating in the 21st century.  Personally, I’ve been with my wife for twelve years, so I’m not at all up to speed on Tinder or how it all works, but listening to stories from friends and co-workers, this song actually seems to be a legit portrayal of Tinder dating.  Regardless, this is a rollicking good time, and is the highlight of the album for me.

There is a groove and swagger to All Fall Down that is hard to ignore.  This is an insiders view of a punk rock show, and how it all comes together.  It’s chaotic and awesome – another highlight – and I love lyrics like “the singers in the toilet writing the lyrics, and we don’t even know if he’s gonna finish.”  Brilliant!

Thanks for Asking is fast paced and frantic, with a vocal delivery that really grabs you.  Lyrically, Blindspot address depression, but in a totally different way than you might think.  It’s not a downer, and remains completely entertaining.

Middle Class is driven by mighty guitar riffs and lightning paced drumming.  This song is like a cross between Smash era Offspring and early Living End.  It’s fantastic stuff.

Cellophane is a slower paced affair.  You might mistake it for a ballad, and I guess it is to a degree, but with a much darker spin – listen closely to the lyrics.  I’ll give you no spoilers, just listen to the words.  It’s a piece of twisted brilliance, and I love it.

Wanker is our closer, and Blindspot really turn up the intensity here.  It’s fast and furious, with excellent guitar work and some great rhythm, with the bass guitar becoming the star at times.  This will be a crowd pleaser, and possibly a killer set opener.

Blindspot are fucking awesome, ‘nuff said.


Shayne McGowan.

Do you want a copy of Final Allure?  Thanks to the awesome people at Pee Records, Noise Pollution have a copy of the album up for grabs, as well as a copy of the “Pee Approved Volume 5” punk rock compilation album, featuring 25 tracks from a crop of rising punk rock talent.  These 2 CDs could be yours – simply tell us the best punk rock show you have ever attended, and include your email so we can notify the winner.

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