Nightglow – Rage of A Bleedin’ Society (2019)


Nightglow publish another good album with the same soul of their brilliant career.

Powerful, with metal influences, modern thrash and alternative influences, Rage of a Bleedin’ Society won’t disappoint the fans maintaining great levels.

Released at the end of October 2019, Rage of a Bleedin’ Society is the fourth studio album, it’s the right match of styles that give very good rough sounds, in thirteen tracks, intro “Thy Flesh Consumed” enclosed, the band reveals its good talent once more.

Absolutely brilliant the scream and clean vocal which confirms Daniele “Abba” Abate one of the most good Italian metal singer.

Energetic and compact song is “X”, such a good mood in it with Andrea Moretti’ dazzling guitars giving us sharp riffs and, the heavy and unmistakable rhythmic thanks to Marco Romani’ drums and Marco Nicoli’ bass.

Another good song is the following “Circus of the Damned”, more ‘easy listening’,  if I can define it that way, with a good live imprint that could be the right entertainment for a gig, with a good relain and the right and positive mood.

“Fuck@looza” is the first single extracted from this album and, it shows the most modern style of the band, nice piece, good impact, while with “On Your Own”, Nightglow gives us a more traditional and a bit nostalgic heavy metal and thrash sound.

“Overlord” it’s a deep piece thanks to highly appreciable mix of styles and sounds, I’m not saying it’s the best track on this album because it’s hard to understand and choose a single track from these new tracks, but it’s definitely a track that shines with its own light.

More heavy sound in “Alive”, just another good piece, different to the previous one but can manage to captivate attention by focusing on a different sound.

Stunning is the beautiful acoustic “Gone”, with such a great dark atmosphere, followed by the more powerful Mofo Social Club.

More alternative is the following “ The Last One” and “Feed My Demon”, while the powerful “ Daenerys “ accompany us to the beautiful and dramatic end with the track “Erzsébet”.

“Rage Of A Bleedin’ Society” is a very good album, Nightglow confirms itself as one of the best Italian metal combo without frills, without the need for special effects with which to refine their music, also because let’s be clear, a band like Nightglow certainly does not need studio tricks to be able to hit the target, with so much honourable career.

Valeria Campagnale.

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