Beck – Hyperspace (2019)


Hyperspace is the new album by Beck, the man who told people he was a loser.

Well, that song is a classic and over 20 years, Beck has amazed his fans, critics and was in some hefty competition with other artists.  This album is his 14th, and the cosmic journey of an opening called Hyperlife, a fair synth passage with Beck’s harmonic voice gliding over, he lets us know we’ll feel like winners.

Uneventful Days continues the theme of Hyperlife then breaks into a urban pop number, it feels a little disco and earthly.  Saw Lightning is very much like Beck’s 90’s tunes with that slide guitar and happy drum beats, it’s like a blast back in time, getting in the dance mood.

Die Waiting – well, it doesn’t start off lively, it’s a slow one with a light trance edge. Chemical, has a beautiful piano opening, that gets into a psychedelic synth progression with hearty bass, another slow one, feels like waking up or getting the buzz from pot.

See Through has more crazy trance, hypnotic synth, I guess we really are in hyperspace. This one has a bubblegum pop underbeat and, swirling water sounding… Well, it’s quirky. Hyperspace, the title track – Another ripple in the stargate here with that synth, but there’s bass, earthy bass, drums, well grounded. It may be slow, but there’s more instruments here so it feels like a full song, not just a soulful statement. Beck picks up the vocal delivery, and there’s guest rapping by Terrell Hines.

Stratosphere, STARTS OFF WITH GUITAR! woo, this is a welcome change, we got blasted off into the twilight zone, now we’re in the Stratosphere. This track feels like that one true love, so, celebrate love with a fine track and the person you love, or, enjoy the time by yourself. Oh, there’s a good drum fill too and yes some synth.

Dark Places, well that darn synth strikes again, sounding very 80’s, then the drums come in, and that sweet bass. So, well, there’s a small Beatles vibe as this 80s yet a bit 60’s is quite an offering. Ok, of course Beck’s voice throughout is fine tuned, he’s clean cut delivery is conditioned, the other musicians, or maybe it’s all Beck as he is quite a genius, either way, it’s well thought out.

Star – now, is this about the man or a star. Well, this is a song that is a bit different again, little synth, drums, skipping bass. A little more pace and, it shines in it’s place.

Everlasting Nothing has another warm welcome with the guitars that start this off, and some bongos. Beck’s voice is a bit deeper here. When everything else falls into place, this song is a well pitted finish.



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