Charm City Devils – 1904 (2019)


Baltimore natives, Charm City Devils, formed in 2007 and were signed and even named by Nikki Sixx.  Their first ever tour had them opening for Theory of A Deadman, Godsmack and Motley Crue – which is a fantastic jump start to a career – but the band don’t rest on that.

Three full length albums have helped to make new fans, as they forge their own path, and now comes their latest release, the EP, 1904.

Bluesy southern rock infused hard rock anthems are the order of the day, with opening track, “Skipping Stone”, featuring big riffs, excellent vocals and infectious grooves.  This style of music will appeal to a wide variety of listeners, because simply put, it’s hard not to like.

“Dollar Sign$” keeps the EP moving, adding a touch of attitude to the formula brought forth on the previous track, plus there’s a healthy dose of harmony added for extra effect.  The groove remains well and truly intact – making this track my highlight.

“Tides Are Changin’” is possibly the most “southern rock” moment of the EP, while “Broken Hearts, Broken Bones” is as catchy as hell, with echoey vocal effects, huge guitar riffs and some awesome rhythms.  A killer guitar solo helps to bring the whole thing together – and while “Dollar Sign$” remains my highlight, this is a close second.

Closing out the EP is an acoustic take on “Skipping Stone”.  Personally, I prefer the plugged in version, but this works really well, and does add a new dimension to the track.

Charm City Devils are a new find for me, but based off of this awesome EP, I will be digging into their back catalogue.


Shayne McGowan.

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