Jesse Dracman – Ringmaster of the Psycho Circus.


DARKC3LL are one of Australia’s fastest rising acts, and have been tagged as a ‘modern day KISS’. Packing stadium level hooks and loud abrasive industrial grooves, they have built a reputation for ‘making hate sound fun’.

Visually and musically, DARKC3LL have proven themselves as a world class outfit and with a fourth album on the way this four piece shows no signs of slowing down.

Notable tours to date include The Civil Unrest 2015 (USA), Soundwave Festival 2014 (AU) and various other shows with Wednesday 13, Otep, Combichrist & more.

Through the use of social media, the band continues to demonstrate the importance of fans via constant interaction & updates with their followers, dubbed the ‘Army of Darkn3ss’. No overhyped marketing or costly advertising in this equation, just a band with a strong DIY ethic connecting with their fans one on one.

A rebellious attitude to flow against the grain is at the heart of the bands existence.

DARKC3LL are not a product of the mainstream.


As the band prepare to hit the road for their own touring package, Psycho Circus, The Noise Pollution resident Darkcell fanatic, Greg Noble, chats with Darkcell front man, Freakenstein author and the driving force behind Psycho Circus, Jesse Dracman.

66FDFFA8-D4FA-4050-8B19-2AC6AB8C315DYour current album “Darkcell” has been with us for a while now and the reception was deservedly strong and positive.

Looking back on the album, how do you feel about it now?

“It’s an album that truly surprised us as it did many people. We knew in making this album, we had to deliver something we’ve never done before. The results speak for themselves. Some of our favourite songs to date and some of the heaviest in groove and lyrical content. The people really embraced this one and it has given us the strongest momentum to date. This album pushes us, and I’m itching to create again and make even more wickedness.”

As a musician, do you ever listen to your own work? If you do, what are your reactions?

“Of course! Hahaha. I’m proud of the music we make and love hearing the growth through each album. It’s inspiring and reminds me of the joy of being in a band making the music I’ve dreamt of making to express what’s stirring in the recesses of my…unique mind.”

The Combichrist tour was a significant set of shenanigans…

“Hands down one of the best tours we’ve done with one of our favourite bands. We debuted Darkcell opening for these guys, so being asked to tour together was beyond awesome for us. The guys were super cool to us and we bonded immediately. Zero egos, maximum laughter. Outback Mountain!”

There seems to be a great bond between the bands. What makes for a good band to perform with?

“Respect. Understanding. Professional courtesy. And just damn good chemistry.”

What did you get from the gigs personally and professionally?

“A hunger to keep pushing the envelope and keep kicking ass live with the best show we can put on. Few bands can deliver what we do, and that isn’t ego talking. To have the headliners cheering you on and encouraging you the way the guys from Combichrist did and continue to, pushes the determination further.”

You even shared the stage with Combichrist! Was that a last minute thing? How did it feel to perform with them?

“That was….man. It just ruled! We talked about it on the tour and it truly was the cherry on top. Seeing Andy’s grin of approval. I can’t speak high enough of the experience or that band. They set a true standard.”

Let’s hone in on Psycho Circus. When is it and where is it?

“This weekend! Roll up roll Up! Crowbar Brisbane on Saturday and Crowbar Sydney on Sunday. One for the ages!”


If I’ve never been, what can I expect to see, hear and get up to?

“Fun. Pure fun. The ultimate chance to let your freak out and be a part of something beyond the normal. This is our 3rd year of the event and it’s the kind of event where we have absolutely awesome bands, as well as performers and an audience that’s part of the show also.”

The other bands that are performing are a diverse set. How do you go about putting the list together? What will each bring to the event?

“We hand picked each band and wanted diversity and fun through the whole night with something new for many to indulge and become fans of.”

This event is going from strength to strength. Why do you put it together each year?

“For the people. For the fans of Darkcell. For those who want to celebrate life, fun, freakin rad times.”

Have you got any surprises cooked up for Psycho Circus this year?

“Always. An epic high energy set. All the fun one can expect from us.”

The life of a musician must be somewhat unique.

“Very unique.”


I reckon it must be a challenge getting to the stage for any band – work, life, rehearsals, the cost of performing etc. But, what’s it like when you’re standing on stage, ready to let loose?

“Everyone is different in how they approach this, but for me? It’s the greatest honour. I cherish the opportunity to play our music and sing for people, and especially people so passionate about what we do. It’s such a release and seeing people escape their life and share energy and joy with me through moshing, dancing and singing back at me. It rules!”

Let’s hear a bit more about Jesse Dracman.

I’ve heard you say, “It’s nice to important: but it’s more important to be nice”. I’ve also heard you encourage people to look out for each other. Is this a way of life for you? How did it start?

I’ve been fortunate to be around good people. Our brother, Chippy taught me a lot as have some truly special people out there. There’s no greater feeling than seeing the impact and difference you can make.”

After Psycho Circus, what’s next for you and for Darkcell?

“Im teaming up with friends to do a Korn tribute in December which will be fun. Other than that, expect to hear new Darkcell soon.”

81CCF082-ED94-4147-9C03-9C00F1F720B6You’ve been working on some writing of late, penning some horror fiction.

What can you tell us about it?

Freakenstein is my debut offering in the literature world. It’s a high octane Horror/Action novella set in a nightmare Rock n Roll world filled with werewolves, vampires and a hero for a new generation. A tale of retribution and tragedy with a twist of dark humour. This story is the first part of an ongoing series, inspired by real life experiences I documented while on tour, inspired by the world of Darkcell. An absolute labour of love! Now out on Amazon and Kindle.”

It’s a departure for you – why write these stories at all?

“I’ve always expressed myself onstage and through songs. This is an extension of who I am and my drive knows no boundaries. I thrive on escapism from a life of horror movies and comics. I hope people enjoy it as much as I love writing.”

Are there parallels between song writing and writing prose?

“Some, but for me, the subconscious is the constant that drives what I create.”

Will you write any music as a companion piece to the horror fiction, whether under the banner of Darkcell, or as a solo artist?

“Anything is possible. I love being able to create.”

Where can we keep an eye out for them when they’re done?

Amazon/Kindle is where you can get Freakenstein for the devilish price of only $6.66.

E9E5E447-A2B3-4A38-984A-810682F10E78.jpegWhat message do you want to leave us with?

“Thankyou doesn’t cover the gratitude we have for our fans, but hearing how we make a difference drives me to push harder, and I become more determined to succeed creatively, and inspire.”

So there you have it.  If you are based in Sydney or Brisbane (sorry Melbourne), you really should be checking these shows out.  If live music isn’t your thing, support the band by buying their CDs and merchandise, and of course, for the readers out there – check out Freakenstein!


-Greg Noble.


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