Introducing… New Clear Vision!


From adversity comes strength of character, and in turn that strength becomes the backbone and belief that any challenge is surmountable.

After a tumultuous 2018, Sunshine Coast nu-metal stalwarts New Clear Vision are ready to re-establish themselves as one of the best rising bands in the country.

Past is past and future is everything, so with that in mind, New Clear Vision enter 2019 with a fresh outlook on life and music that is reflective of a band at peace with their decisions.

With acclaimed debut album Open Your Eyes under their belt, vocalist Brad Bromfield says the time is right for New Clear Vision to deliver on their potential and conquer music fans one at a time with an unrelenting blend of passion, angst and anger that combines into an aural assault that will batter you into submission with every listen.

Their music is uncompromising and brutal but delivered with an infectious blend of humour and raw emotion that will leave your senses in a state of confusion at the sheer intensity it demands.

With original members Bromfield and drummer CJ Nash forming the nucleus of New Clear Vision the spark and chemistry that saw the band rise from the ashes of Messiam in 2015 is stronger than ever.

Bromfield’s menacing vocals which switch between guttural growls and his trademark nu-metal raps provide depth to the eclectic sound of the music, which draws inspiration from bands such as Faith No More at their menacing best to Body Count in their Cop Killer days without ever crossing the line between inspiration and imitation.

Nash’s drumming is a frenetic amalgamation of jazz, funk and metal with enough of his own personality mixed in to provide a sound as unique as it is powerful. Bringing a mixture of musical styles perfected in previous bands he not only holds the whole thing together, he tears it apart with reckless abandon and reconstructs it in his own image to provide a wall of sound that provides the platform for New Clear Vision’s frequent moments of destruction.

Matt McPherson on bass was coaxed out of a self-imposed musical exile in 2017 to provide a drive and backbone to New Clear Vision’s body of work that locks in with CJ to ensure no matter how far off the music goes in tangents it always comes back to the essence of the song. With a dash of thrash, a pinch of groove and just a touch of madness, McPherson puts the rhythm in rhythm section and provides the steadying influence that elevates a good band into a great one.

Newcomer Matthew Doust on guitar brings a heaviness and new feel to the music with chunky chord progressions and ominous lead breaks that sing when it matters and pummels you into submission when it counts.

Music shouldn’t just be played, it should also be felt, and New Clear Vision will not rest until they have achieved that balance.

With a live show that encapsulates musical precision entwined with youthful exuberance, New Clear Vision are a band for which near enough will never be good enough. It’s not enough to leave you wanting more. Their aim is to leave you incapable of wanting more.

Music has a new face, and the name to put to that face is New Clear Vision.

For bookings or more information please contact Brad Bromfield on facebook.

What does the band name mean to you?

I love making plays on words or sentences  ..Messiam, my old band, broken down is mess I am, New Clear Vision said fast is nuclear vision  but it was also a song title about war agendas etc …. I also have songs written like generation Y bother and psycho path, there was a song from Messiam titled murder the crows ,it’s just funny shit I like to do.. the band name was plucked one day on the piss with original members Adam and Shannon we all had gone through a stack of names , CJ included, although he wasn’t there at the time, but we couldn’t get anything to suit.. they seen the song title and one of the boys said what about that?  We called CJ and relayed it to him …The rest is history .

Where is the band based?

Predominately sunshine coast, which 3 of us live on.  CJ is the brizzy boy in the gang.

How long have you been together?

We are into our 5th year, but there have been several member changes, and year long break in between that.  The band itself has been revitalised’s kind of weird because unfortunately, with the bands early demise we did not get the chance to utilise the first album .. We will making up for a lot of lost time, and our very best is just around the corner .

What style of music do you play?

Nu metal….We think lol

Tell us about your influences.

I am heavily influenced by rap and nu metal bands such as HED PE, Korn, Faith No More, Body Count, N.W.A, RATM, Gravediggaz, Chili Peppers..  then heavier stuff like Sepultura, Jinjer, early Slipknot, Mushroomhead, and oldschool thrash like Anthrax, but I also love just good music in general of most genres.. The others boys are into stuff such as; CJ – Rise of the North Star, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Prince, Strapping Young Lad, and Matty MC is in to Suicidal Tendencies, Butthole Surfers, ASG, Gojira..  Matt D is in to Trivium ,Amon Amarth, Black Sabbath, Stone Sour and Drowning Pool.. as you can see all very varied .

Tell us about your new release.

The Game of Life is basically written about the government stand over tatics and brainwashing the public, and the bullshit ways they Influence or control your lives.  It was written 20 years ago, but still stands in it’s content and even more so now ..choose your sides motherfuckers.

Where is your music available ?

Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Band Camp, JJJ unearthed, Reverbnation.

What are your goals for the bands future?

Getting this new album completed next year is top priority.  A tour of NZ and hopefully Japan are also on the cards in 2020 as well.  We’ll see how we go and if our lives let us take that path.


If you could share the stage with any band or artist,who would it be?

For me – Sepultura, Body Count or anything that Mike Patton fronts.  CJ would like to play with Rise of the North Star and Devin Townsend.  Matty MC said Butthole Surfers and Gojira.  Dousty would like to do Baby Metal and Apocalyptica.

What can you tell us about your live shows?

Our live shows are fun with strong topics ..the suits have developed our stage show further in bringing a more encapsulating atmosphere  and will be lifted again this weekend ..I have been working on some cool shit for them under guidance of my mate Chris Sun from Slaughter FX.

Do you have any upcoming gigs to promote?

Yup! Psycho Circus this Saturday night, the 23rd Nov, at The Crowbar, and the last show of the year for us is on Friday the 13th Dec at Chardons Corner Hotel called Nightmare Before Xmas its also when we digitally release it through heavy magazine worldwide accompanied with an interview with Kris Peters, and also a film clip that was well put together with live footage by our drummer CJ.   It was also be available on all other platforms .We also announced one of very few shows/festivals  for next year at the 1st annual rockstock riot festival at hamilton hotel which has 38 bands on 3 stages

72A76F04-7258-4026-8DE4-42B61B03A85A.jpegWhat sets you apart from other bands ?

I guess the suits and the whole nu metal type of music sets us apart from other bands.  It’s a tough question because sometimes it feels like we do not fit in the way we go about things, some people are attracted by it, others probably not so much.  With that said, we don’t give a fuck either way, we just want to have fun and make some decent music.  Maybe that is what does actually set us apart.

You’ve got Psycho  circus coming up this week – You folks really smashed it last year.  Have you got any surprises cooked up for year?

Yup , suit upgrades and physical copies of Game of Life.. you will have to come see us to see them.. And get the single prior to its digital release .

Recently NVC stepped up last minute for theDarkcell/Combichrist event in Brisbane. it was the best I have seen you perform to date.  why did you have such a big night?  And what did you learn from it?

Yeah, and a massive thanks for my bro Jesse Dracman for getting us on that show, and thanks Greg I am glad you liked it bro ..I think we lifted because it was like a coming of age thing for us a “new” outfit member wise, we were blessed to play our very first two shows with Superheist then King Parrott at Noosa but that was the old line up.  ..this  show was what we are now as a band, and years apart.  I think we learnt that playing  with an international band of that stature if you want to step up and stand out then you cannot fuck around and don’t make missed opportunities, make them count (I think we all make them mistakes in life)..make yourself noticed and I think we did just that.  Funny thing is, it was the least nervous I have been for a show in close to 15 years..

I reckon it’s a challenge getting to the stage-work life,family, rehearsals,money etc. What’s it like when you’re standing on stage, ready to let loose ?

Yeah bro , the balance can be exceedingly hard sometimes.

D598F978-6C79-48FA-A360-ECB59A9B1BB3I know for me personally doing night shifts it puts ya out of whack even though my bosses give me the flexibility to do shows (thanks boys).  It is still is tough at times, Matty works away a lot so when he is back ya gotta catch up on family time much like myself.  The other 2 boys in Dousty and CJ have very busy work schedeules also.  Its hard to even get rehearsals in as the only free day really available is Sunday, but you just want to rest and we all we to travel to a middle ground at guitar exchange in caboolture .. it’s a hard slog but we do our best. When you get on stage though, yeah all the bullshit goes away and that artistic bond just flows .. I love crowd interaction as that’s where it’s at and when people are singing shit back to you ..its a fucking trip man.

Who farts the most?

Lol umm probably me but I reckon Dousty would not be far behind that then CJ then  MC Pherson ..haha

What piece of advice do you wish someone gave to you before you got too far in the musical journey ?

Probably the main thing would be  do not expect to much and have fun, life can change at the drop of a hat  and things don’t run as smoothly as you would like which can play with your head when you give it your all..find committed, like minded people that want the same goal as yourself and are on the same page as yourself, have their own gear and are  prepared to spend money and go that extra mile to achieve the  “dream” man, otherwise you will find yourself very dispointed ..lastly  enjoy what you create because  just as much as the music is for others it is for you and your bandmates too , In a time where people are so opinionated and social media influenced, people are going to be critical all the time ..fuck them guys , do it for yourselves.


There you have it folks, from a diverse range of influences, comes something original, yet familiar, but most importantly New Clear Vision rock!

Greg Noble.

Photography credits; Metal-Roos.

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