Wardress – Dress For War (2019)


Dress for war is the new album by Wardress. This 10 song album starts of with Prelude to War – a spoken statement of preparation. Oh, we get prepared for the title track that comes after the sweet majestic stadium progression of the prelude, we feel like marching into the battle. Now, the title track, it starts off with a crawling riff and mighty power chords then, kicks off in a thrashing manner. You’ll be doing a war dance in the pit with this banger.

Thou shalt now kill, is like an intro song for a wrestler, hell even a soldier making their return from a furious fight. It’s a slow one, but the main riffs makes you feel fast for life. Mad raper, has an Iron maiden feel to it musically, and it picks up the pace from the past track and, is one for the road. Metal melodies, well it’s striking guitar calls out to you and after a war cry, it’s back to the pit with another thrasher. This one makes you want to kick up your feet and knock out some teeth.

Dark lord, well, we have a ballad. The hypnotising opening riff that ends up leading the track, thumping toms and, it feels like the right time for a ballad. Oh, but there’s a twist, but, you must listen to know what it is 😉 Betrayal, sounds like Darth Vader at the start, ok, jokes aside, it’s a ballad, get out the flame for this one, until it, shows its true self. So, a couple half and half, no, there’s just a little jolt of excitement, leaving you feel, betrayed?  Atrocity, well, it’s a warm welcome back to the metal, and this one is a solid piece of steel.

 Werhen, is a bit of a doom-esq offering, has a dark brooding intro that gets you in suspense. So, if you like some slow natured yet hard rocking music, Werhen clocks it in. Metal league, the last song, but not the least as we have more thrash. By the way, there’s a tiny little Power Rangers influence in that riff, you may hear it, or just another reason to air guitar. Oh, this one has some hooks and those riffs get your heart going. Ok, so we have some variety and a few creative paths here.

There’s a lot on offer, many, many great riffs, thick bass, strong vocals and punishing drums. All are done with passion as Wardress are committed and lead the league to war, in their best dressed form.



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