Disillusive Play – Open Arms (2019)

Let me first start off by saying if you haven’t heard of the band I’m about to review, do yourself a favour and do it, do it right now!
Too pushy?  Too bad…
Disillusive Play is their name, a five piece group with a lady lead and a rock sound. Antigoni Kalamara is the vocalist, Jim Knikos and Fotis Trivizas on guitars, Michael Mytilinis on bass and Aris Doliantis on drums.
I’m shocked to say this but they are from Greece, how is it after saying that I never really hear of many memorable bands coming out of Greece but here I am doing back to back reviews on two extrodinary Greek bands.
Disillusive Play and their album “Open Arms” are a rock fans wet dream featuring riffy almost old school tones, a female vocal that is clear, strong and gripping. Their lyrics are relatable and solid.
Here is the breakdown:-
“Alpha” kicks off the album with a very classic rock sound with Antigoni’ s  exceptional vocal. This was a great introduction, guitar driven, nice solo and the vocal had ample clarity.
“In the blink of a life” was a bit heavier than Alpha with very solid guitar work and the vocal had a rawness behind it. Slightly more uptempo and lyrics were good also.
” Open Arms” is the title track, as I’ve said once or twice title tracks make me nervous because the last few bands have left me feeling flat with them. Disillusive Play however are over halfway there with theirs. Bit tamer than the last two tracks. Lyrically I enjoyed it but it lacked that extra special beef. Riffs were good and some solid drum work.
“Watered Soil” brought some mega life back. Punchy riffs, solid lyrics and great vocal, nothing to complain about here, great track.
“White Dove” featured a longer intro then the rest of the tracks before it. More dialed back track however I loved this track. Great guitar solo in the mix too. Lyrically they had me at hello lol. Got a bit more meat about it close to the end of the track.
“Stealing you away”, oh my goodness, falling in love here. Catchy. I loved the lyrics and the darker deeper tone to some of the riffs. Great track not too heavy, clear, industrious.
“Final decision made” had a euphonious intro and opening vocal before getting more raw. However, it alternates between  the two throughout giving great contrast.
“Her lonely mind” opened with an old school sounding rock riff. With its captivating sound it was a solid track. The vocal was a bit droney compared to other tracks but with that being said it’s not unpleasant.
“Emotionless”had a great opening. Was grooving along with the guitar riffs it hardly mattered what the vocal sounded like or lyrics for that matter. But the vocal had a rasp solid rock sound which I enjoyed and the lyrics weren’t half bad either.
The album also featured an extended version of “Open Arms” which opened very differently, almost Spanish like. More of a punch to the riffs and vocal than the first version. I preferred this version.
Open Arms by Disillusive Play is an epic album, well worth the time to listen. Couldn’t really fault it at all.
Steph Suter-James.

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