Tall Girl (2019)


Jodi, the tallest girl in her high school, has always felt uncomfortable in her own skin. But after years of slouching, being made fun of, and avoiding attention at all costs, Jodi finally decides to find the confidence to stand tall.

I watched a Netflix film recently called Tall Girl.. Now it wasn’t my choice of movie, it was one the kiddo decided she wanted to watch so I was like, “eh what the heck I will see what this is like”.

To my surprise it was actually a good little story.. The tallest girl in school is slightly outcast and fighting her insecurities, she ends up falling for the new foreign exchange student. From there begins a tale of ups and downs and she finally gets some insight and confidence. Its a good film especially if you have teens or even PreTeens that are struggling with self confidence or are a little bit lost on if they are “normal”. 

It may not be the most exciting movie especially for us adults, but I feel that this film was purposeful and could be helpful for some kids which is why I chose to review it.

As a step mum to a preteen with special needs, I get it.


Steph Suter-James.

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