Def Radio – Modern Panic (2019)

Now I can’t say personally I have heard much in the way of rock come out of Greece. However the latest band I checked out by the name of “Def Radio” are just that – rockers hailing from Athens, Greece. According to a description I have read touting them as,”one of the most exciting alternative rock bands to emerge from Greece in recent memory”, I would say it would be pretty accurate.
Their latest offering “Modern Panic” for someone who has not heard them before was a splendid introduction, in saying that, those who are already fans will no doubt enjoy this immensely.
First off on the album was “Intro”, short and sweet it did the job. Soft melodic toned guitar before finishing with a drawn out heavier guitar strum that felt as though you were being lead into what they have in store.
“Death Club” had a nice rock sound and a building intro. The guitar was extremely catchy and the vocal was echoey and Rocky. In fact the vocal almost felt familiar.
“Animals” had an intro that to me felt like watching a movie, you know almost like a soundtrack song. This one was less rock more mellow, even the vocal seemed almost relaxing.
“Dance like a Reptile” has a rocking intro and is more up tempo. There was plenty to like here with it’s catchy tones and lead guitar riffs.
“Astypalea” – the first official release from the album, had a light intro which felt chill before building into a more solid heavier rock sound. Electrifying riffs that I really enjoyed. Even the vocal here really grabbed my attention.
“Modern  Panic”. The title track. Very mellow again. Lacked a certain  something I expect from a title track. Wasn’t bad though don’t get me wrong, was Rocky in places, clear in vocals and melodic tones however it just wasn’t the stand out I would expect from a title track.
“Colours” with a heavier intro was really solid and punchy. Great track, even the vocal had some oomph.
“Fossils” has a good rocky sound and the same echoey vocals as most of the other tracks on the album. The vocals had a bit more of a howl to them on this one and the tune was good..
“Gas station people” had a great intro with a guitar solo that seemed exciting, however it peaved out pretty fast becoming a mellowed tone with a sluggish vocal. It however was more drum driven and featured a distorted vertigo like guitar. Felt dramatic yet slow. Something a little different.
All in all “Modern Panic” was a pretty solid album and deserves some attention.
Check it out.
Steph Suter-James.

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