Nautical Mile – The Only Way is Through (2019)


Perth based pop-punk band Nautical Mile combine heavy rhythms with catchy pop based vocals to create a package that is thoroughly infectious.

Their debut album, The Only Way is Through, is jam packed full of tunes that are loaded with riffs and big rhythms.  A Life Worth Dying For opens the album, and instantly we get a punchy musical landscape, and vocals that are super easy to vibe with.

Spin the Bottle features some fantastic bass guitar sections, Bad Influence is my favourite track.  With lyrics like “don’t copy me, and do exactly as I did, you’ll never know how fucked up my life is” it’s easy to get an impression of what this song is about.  The vocals are a little more raw here too, which suits.

Better Half of Me is short and punchy, Wake Up  makes use of vocal harmonies that add a touch of depth to the song, while Marionette is another highlight.  It’s got a darker, more rock oriented feel, plus the lyrics are tremendous.

Getting stuck in to the second half of the record, Flight Risk keeps the catchy hooks going, Fall speeds up proceedings – offering up a huge chorus in the process and Shattered leans into some guitar techniques that aren’t present elsewhere on the record.

Sweet Tooth is anthemic and fun.  It’s crunchy riffs and pounding drums are it’s strongest points.  This might be “pop-punk”, but it’s actually got a lot more going for it.  There’s definitely something here for almost everybody.

Interlude, is just that – a twenty five second musical interlude that runs into the beginning of Regicide, which in itself is another anthemic style track, that will have fans singing along.  Easy to see why this was one of the singles.

Closing out the album is the title track, The Only Way Is Through.  This has as much in common with U2 as it does with a punk rocker band.  It’s melodic and full of sweet vocal passages that are unlike any other on the album.  It’s actually a very uplifting track.

Don’t let the “pop punk” tag turn you off, this is full of substance, and easy to enjoy.

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