Ozzy Osbourne – Under the Graveyard (single, 2019)


Under the graveyard is the newest offering by Ozzy Osbourne. This doom ballad is a simple back to form for the prince of darkness. It’s calm verse is right for a morning after a hard week of work, then the heaviness kicks in so you can headband and really feel the time and effort that’s being presented here.

There’s a very Black Sabbath type riff during the last part of the song, with a solo, so, a little influence from another side of Ozzy is fine, people may think of Children of the grave, so, it suits. So, is it a reference or coincidence? Whichever, it’s chilling and works. Ozzy’s voice is still in fine form and he uses sheer emotion, but not all as he may have a few surprises install for us.

Osbourne says: “It all started when [my daughter] Kelly comes in and says, “Do you want to work on a Post Malone song?” My first thing was “Who the fuck is Post Malone?!” I went to Andrew [Watt]’s house and he said, “We will work really quick.” After we finished that song, he said, “Would you be interested in starting an album?” I said, “That would be fucking great,” but now I am thinking I don’t want to be working in a basement studio for six months! And in just a short time, we had the album done.

Duff [McKagan] and Chad [Smith] came in, and we would go in and jam during the day, and I would go work out the songs in the evenings. I previously had said to Sharon I should be doing an album, but in the back of my mind I was going, “I haven’t got the fucking strength…” But Andrew pulled it out of me. I really hope people listen to it and enjoy it because I put my heart and soul into this album.”


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