Slayer – Repentless Killogy (2019)


It’s been almost two years since Slayer announced their impending retirement.  A lengthy world tour was to be the bands swan-song, capping off a career that spanned almost four decades of ups and downs.  The ups were the ever reliable music, the downs were the behind the scenes drummer issues, and of course the untimely death of Jeff Hanneman.

This final Slayer release, The Repentless Killogy, is similar to Metallica’s Through the Never – combining concert footage with an otherwise unrelated storyline element.  Does it work?

Who cares right?  It’s FUCKIN’ SLAYER!!

Honestly though, the “storyline” element is quite ridiculous.  A generic revenge tale, following Wyatt, as he seeks revenge on his old nazi gang, for their killing of his girlfriend.  Silly…  but there’s the music.

The soundtrack live album is an hour and a half of Slayer classics, played live and raw at The Forum in Inglewood, California in 2017.  Unlike the movie portion, the soundtrack is killer, because, well…


The set list is impressive, and career spanning.  Favourites like War Ensemble, Angel of Death and Raining Blood sot side by side with newer offerings like Hate Worldwide and Repentless quite well.

Slayer fans will lap this up, particularly if this is to be their final release.  After Slayer is laid to rest, there might be some postmortem (see what I did there?) releases in the works, but for now, this is potentially their final bow.

Go out and buy it, turn it up, and celebrate the career of..



Shayne McGowan.


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