Mammoth Mammoth – Kreuzung (2019)


Formed in Melbourne in 2007, Mammoth Mammoth, have been delivering a fast paced, and brash brand of hard rock meets punk ever since.  Signing to Napalm Records and relocating to Europe in 2013 gave the band major career boost, and after a couple of line up changes, Mammoth Mammoth capitalise on their fifth full length album, Kreuzung.

“I’m Ready” kicks things off, and straight away, you understand exactly what the band is all about.  Energy, rebellion and the very embodiment of the rock n roll spirit.  The guitars are prominent, but this album isn’t driven by any one element of the music – it’s driven by the energy.  This is a fiery opener.

“Wanted Man” is a more straight forward rocker.  A familiar riff chugs throughout the track, and singer, Mikey Tucker, delivers an AC/DC inspired vocal.  This track is bluesy and raw, while the following, “Motherfucker” is full of attitude.

“Screamin’” is a dirty rocker, with a nice fat bass line, chugging riffs, and relentless drumming.  Like the other tracks, this one drips with attitude, groove and raw energy.  Mammoth Mammoth May have relocated to Berlin, but the music they deliver tells me that their hearts are still based in the dark, booze soaked bars of Melbourne.

Quite frankly, the title track is the best thing the band have ever recorded.  “Kreuzung” is full of infectious grooves, a vocal that is easy to sing along with, and it’s catchy and accessible as hell, which is not necessarily something I’d normally associate with MM.  That’s not taking anything away from their previous output, it’s just that this track is next level material for them.  Absolute highlight.

On “Tear it Down” the fuzz and distortion is pushed to its limits – in a good way.  This will be a huge number in the live setting.  “Tonight” starts off deceptively, with gentle acoustic strumming, before a blistering guitar solo ushers in a frantic punk rock anthem.  The band, rounded out by Frank Trobbiani on drums, Marco Gennaro on guitars and Kris Sinister on bass have really gelled well together in a relatively short time, and the Mammoth Mammoth sound isn’t familiar, but re-invigorated for it.

“Mad World” and “Let Go” are both great examples of that re-invigoration.  The band is tight as hell, playing as a unit, with no one element burying, or outshining any other.

As we come to the closing tracks of Kreuzung, “Lead Boots” is another groove laden number that provides another highlight on a very solid album.  Volume III: Hell’s Likely was my favourite Mammoth Mammoth album, until now – Kreuzung has definitely taken the top spot in my eyes.

Closing track, “God’s Gonna Hate Me” is the lengthiest of the album, but you won’t get bored with it.  It’s everything you expect in a MM song, plus it’s chorus of “Ive got a feeling, the more I pray, gods gonna hate me anyway” is once again, completely catchy and infectious.

After listening to Kreuzung a handful of times now, I feel like Mammoth Mammoth have reached a new level of creativity, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.


Shayne McGowan.

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