King Diamond – Masquerade of Madness (single, 2019)


Masquerade of madness is the newest single by King Diamond. A true theatrical visionary, King Diamond has kept audiences in awe all thanks to his fear inducing look and absolute crazy high ranged voice ( like the call of a siren or screech of a banshee).

Masquerade of madness is very much like a Thrash anthem ( has a bit of a Megadeth touch, especially the riff) But, once the King uses his trademark voice and the gospel melodies kick in, it’s all black and white. There’s a sweet solo being ripped near the end, and a fine heavy pace throughout. It’s a fairly different offering from King Diamond, but it will favour a lot of metal-heads.

King Diamond comments: “‘Masquerade of Madness’ is one of the first King Diamond studio songs in a long time. It will be featured on a future two album horror concept story, of which the first part is titled ‘The Institute’”.


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