World of Beer – Kronenbourg 1664

From Wikipedia;  Kronenbourg 1664
is a golden pale lager with an alcohol percentage of 5.00% ABV.  It was first brewed in 1664 in the Alsace region of France by master brewer Geronimus Hatt.  Kronenbourg 1664 is now produced in the UK by Heineken after being bought from Scottish & Newcastle.  The French lager contains Strisselspalt hops, unique to the Alsace, which are used in its brewing process and give the beer its bitter and fragrant citrus taste.


Kronenbourg 1664 is a French beer that’s a hearty full flavoured brew. The texture is a wholesome body, not too heavy or light, just in the middle, in both colour and taste. Stated as the number 1 French beer, it makes you feel patriotic. France has supplied us with great bread, cheese and wine. This beer could be considered the Champagne of beer. If you burp like a frog and love the grog, then open up a bottle of Kronenbourg 1664, gulp it down and have a side of snacks.



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