Rings Starr – What’s My Name? (2019)


Ringo Starr – The second last surviving Beatle, has had quite a career after the fab four disbanded.  From being the drummer in one of the greatest rock bands, to a shining solo artist, and even being the narrator and voice actor for Thomas the Tank Engine.

Ringo has just released his new album, What’s My Name.  Well, let’s get down to business.  The opener, Gotta Get Up to Get Down, is a very blues heavy number, with a little funk edge. This song feels like an entrance tune, a warm welcome, well suited to start the album, if you’re down then listen to this to get on up. The mention of Twitter and Facebook is hilarious, Ringo’s up to date and living life on the funside.

It’s Not Love That You Want is a soulful number with lots of piano and is a tune to chill back with. Grow Old With Me is a cover of a John Lennon song, it’s a sweet light ballad. Now for years people have grown up with Ringo’s music, movies and, Sir Richard ‘’Ringo Starr’’ Starky can still rock it and tell you how it is and will be.

Magic, is a happy jive of a song, one to dance to for sure, with the person you love. Money (is what I want) is the 5th track and has a very cool intro, almost psychedelic – with twisting rhythms and a surprise twist it becomes a classic sounding 50’s/60’s soft rocker.

Better Days starts off with a nice snare beat then a sweet riff gets us in a feel good mood because, as Ringo says, Better days are about to come. So make the most of today with this album, life may be short but Ringo shines bright with his all star band so you can.

Life is Good is next, and well, it speaks for itself.  Life is good, and Ringo asks you about asking yourself this and that, so, let this track inspire you.  Then we have Thank God For Music.  Well, we can thank Ringo for his music, it’s a pretty straight forward track, one that will grow on you.

Send Love Spread Peace is next, and In today’s world, we need this and what we get is a time to let the light shine or raise the flame. This is one of those songs that the people can come together ( c’mon, you knew some Beatles puns would pop up). So yeah, Ringo has sent the love and we’re at peace right with this song.

The swinging blues of closing track, What’s My Name, answers the question, his  name is RINGO! Your toes will twitch as you feel like boot-scooting. It’s been a fun ride with so many elements, a choir of back up singing, numerous influences in the riffs, piano, and is a fine album all together.

The band let their talents speak through their dedicated playing and commitment.



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