Black Aces – Never Change (2019)


With a sound heavily influenced by the legends of Australian pub rock, the Bendigo natives, Black Aces, have carved out an impressive career for themselves over the last few years.

Their work rate, coupled with the fact that their live shows are absolutely first rate, and full of energy, has helped them to develop a strong following, both at home and abroad – having toured Europe a number of times.

Now, the band release their latest effort, the Never Change EP.  Once again produced by Mark Opitz, who’s work with AC/DC, The Angels and Cold Chisel among others, makes him the ideal producer for this band, and their particular style of brash, in your face rock n roll.

The title track kicks off proceedings, and instantly we are treated to high energy, guitar driven rock.  The lead guitar from Tyler Kinder is on fire, backed by exceptional rhythms from Jarrad Morrice, chunky bass guitar delivered by Alex McMillan and powerful drumming from Pete McMillan.  Then there’s the vocals – raw and unpolished, and perfectly suited to the bands style.

It’s not all loud, balls out rock though.. Ok, it mostly is, but there’s plenty of melody on display too.  Feverdreams has a swagger and stomp to it that can’t be ignored, and it’s infectiously catchy.  There’s also some blistering lead guitar towards the songs climax.

Can’t Stand Waitin’ is the best vocal performance of the EP from Kinder, in fact, it could be his best ever – that just my opinion though.  There’s a bluesy quality to his voice when he’s singing lower, and that helps to emphasise the higher pitched vocals when he gets to them.  The added rhythm of hand clapping is an inspired addition too.

Gudby T’Jane is once again over flowing with swagger, and will be great in the live setting.  Feet will stomp, fists will pump, and a good time will be had by all, plus beer – there’ll be plenty of that consumed by punters.  Anybody that doesn’t have a great time listening to this EP, or an even better time seeing The Aces live, is going out of his or her way to be a mood killer…

Lastly, Too Much Rain is our final song.  This is a fantastically huge sounding track – an excellent closer, and possibly the highlight of the EP.

All it takes is 16 minutes to check this EP out, and you should, because it’s killer rock n roll, the way it should be!


Shayne McGowan.

Check out Black Aces on tour now!!


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