Egeria – As Night Falls (2019)


I took a listen to yet another band I have never heard of today. (Have I mentioned that I really love being able to do these reviews and gain access to music I otherwise wouldn’t hear?)

The band that I got to check out this time, comes from the Netherlands.  Egeria, a four piece symphonic metal band with classical and progressive influences were founded in 2013, by front woman, Nicole, starting out as a group of friends that shared an interest in metal and playing cover songs. 

I checked out their latest offering, the EP, As night Falls. The artwork reminded me of one of my favourite classic video games(Fable) crossed with red riding hood and possibly a bit of an Evanescence vibe, both with the logo style and a little in their sound also.

A Night at the Mansion:- the first track off the EP, starts off with solid guitar work then a very theoretical feeling sound. The female vocal is very high ranged yet with a ghostly menace, I can dig it.

What Lies Beneath:- I really enjoyed the guitar solo intro, great riff followed by drums. The sound behind this track is well rhythmed, couldn’t help but bop away before the haunting choir like vocal joins in. 

The Rise of the Fallen Queen:- third on the EP.  I was really enjoying their sound musically, however, by this track the vocal got really ‘tired’ for me. Not meaning it was off key or flat but it consistently had the same sound, so it became a little boring, I was looking for some little change up. Lyrically this track was alot clearer which earnt back some points.

Shattered Mirrors was a slower and softer track nothing to get real excited over really, but wasn’t bad either.

The final track was Dawn Breaks. It had a great intro again and was a very guitar driven track.

So, what did i make of Egeria and their EP, As Night Falls? Well I can’t say I loved it, however I didn’t exactly hate it either.. Go check it out and make up your own mind. 


Steph Suter-James.

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