Cold Pursuit (2019)


Nels has just been honoured as citizen of the year for his hard work, keeping the roads snow free at an exclusive Snow resort near Denver Colorado. When his son is murdered on the orders of a vicious Drug Lord nicknamed Viking, Nels takes vengeance on each of the men involved, moving up the chain of command with each killing. Viking makes the mistake of thinking the killings are the work of a rival, Native American drug cartel and begins a war which ends in a finale of last man standing proportions. Extreme violence with more than a hint of dark comedy which doffs its hat to the Cohen Brothers in atmospheric style.

Yep, Liam Neeson made a really good revenge thriller called Taken back in 2008.  It was so well received that he re-made it as Taken with amnesia (AKA: Unknown) in 2011, then Taken with Wolves (AKA: The Grey) also in 2011.  In 2012, it was remade again, as Taken 2, in 2014 we seen the release of Taken on a Plane (AKA: Non-Stop) AND Taken 3.  2015 gave us Taken all Night (AKA: Run All Night), and in 2018 we were treated to Taken on a Train (AKA: The Commuter).

2019 sees the release of Taken in the Snow, or Cold Pursuit as it’s more commonly known.  Yes, I’m taking the piss – but this movie sucked, as have most of the Taken re-hashes.  It’s as dull as watching fucking paint dry.

Actually, fuck this movie, and fuck all of these movies barring the original Taken.  Even Taken 2 and 3 can suck it.

Liam Neeson needs a new trick…

2/10 and the 2 is only for Emmy Rossum.

Rick Trewin.

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