3 From Hell (2019)

Metal fans and horror fans unite, for the latest Rob Zombie film is here.
I have always been a fan of Rob Zombie, as I’m sure many others are, from his music to his films ( well most at least).  The pairing of House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects have always rated highly on my favourite movies list, and now he has released a new entry in the series, 3 From He’ll, which follows the ever psychotic and murderous Firefly Family.
These films really gathered a following, and are great cult classics. So naturally on Halloween I had to go and see 3 From Hell  for myself.
The session was a one night only screening, which was the feature of the horror fan festival around the country called “monster fest”.  As we walked into the cinema they had the walkway draped in tattered black curtains, flashing strobe lights, a wrapped up “dead body” and a shopping trolley full of “body parts”. Once we got in and found our seats, playing on the screen was an array of black and white horror scenes – moaning zombies trying to escape the screen,  a creepy screaming nun, a man being murdered by a skeleton, you know all the fun stuff. This really set the tone for a great night.
3 From Hell kicks off right where The Devil’s Rejects left off, which for those of you who may not remember (Well it was back in 2005 so you are forgiven) the 3 – Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), Baby Firefly ( Sheri Moon Zombie) and Otis Driftwood (Bill Moseley) were all shot by police dozens of times each. No one expected them to live, but somehow they did and all end up in prison on multiple murder charges as well as Spaulding and Otis ending up on death row. The warden of the prison was just as menacing as them, at least that’s what he thought.
I don’t want to give too much away, so I’m trying not to say anything major. However, this needs to be said. The great legend that was Sid Haig recently passed away, and his iconic character Captain Spaulding made his last, however short, film appearance in 3 From Hell, and alot of people have been going on about him not being in the film long enough. However it was very apparent just how sick he was and I for one am greatful he put his big character to rest.  His final appearance was perfect, no matter how short, and Rob Zombie wrote him in a perfect way, and I’m glad he was added to the film, the character is legendary and was both menacing and entertaining.
Otis is sprung from prison by his and Babys brother Winslow Foxworth Coltrane in a very brutal and bloody way which created a whole world of pain for his now ex-warden Virgil Harper (Jeff Daniel Phillips) who was later held up in his home with his family by Otis and Winslow. Their aim to get Warden Harper to spring Baby from prison or have his whole family murdered.
Baby’s time in prison was insane (much like her, really) and she was inevitably sprung from prison by the warden. With that done it was just the beginning of their new rampage.
All though 3 From Hell is still twisted, it didn’t feel as menacing as the first 2 films which was a little disappointing. I expected so much from this film seeing as the first 2 were such hits, and gave you a real sense of fear, the 3rd outing seemed to lack.
In saying that, it was still a great story, with plenty of action and gore, and I even laughed a number of times as did many others in the cinema.
Was it the best of the 3 films? Certainly not – it lacked a certain something. However it wasn’t brutally slashed up either unlike many of the characters.
Rob Zombies career is still intact. We loved him in his band White Zombie, his directing and writing skills are also something he has earnt bragging rights for and any Rob Zombie fan will no doubt do as I did and see 3 From Hell.
I enjoyed it…
Steph Suter-James.

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