Hangarvain – The Great Machine (2019)

Great return for Italians Hangarvain, born in 2013, portion ahead of their southern rock sound end from the debut “Best Ride Horse”, in 2014, followed by “Naked” (ep) in 2015, ‘Freaks’ in 2016, “Roots And Returns” in 2018 and the brand new “The Great Machine”, released by Volcano Records.

“The Great Machine” contains nine songs and mixes the traditional Hangarvain’s southern rock sound with blues and gospel moments.

I’ve always liked this band with warm and enveloping tones, a band that musically approaches Blackstone Cherry, to be an idea.

Definitely more mature, with a sound that comes to touch the line of metal in some tracks, a voice, that Sergio Toledo Mosca, who with the sun timbre clad manages to give a particular tosco to gnu song and, with the chimaera of Alessandro Liccardo is complete the line up of the band, because not only the sound has matured but also changed the formation, remaining only chimaera and voice as an actual member, as well as founders of the band.

The duo uses optima musicians for this album, managing not to make you regret glitter alter former member of the band.
“The Great Machine” is an album that brings the warmth of the blues and the softness of all the nuances that intertwine in this sound, led by the opener “Rock Down The House” that with the unmistakable brand Hangarvain, manages to ester both catchy motto, and very intense, giving us a good start in this journey that sombre made in the U.S.A. but is totally Italian. Beautiful choirs, excellent refrains, a good shot for this medium that goes to connect with the following “Stay”, eight high song with an irresistible sound and brilliant composition track, a southern hard rock and a very attractive blues.

The title track “The Great Machine” slows down the rhythm, resulting more languid but at the same time very firm in the genre that accompanies the whole album, gospel choirs and grit make this track an interesting track and definitely rock.
Rhythm, enveloping and powerful rhythm, thanks to Alessandro Stellano’ bass and Andrea Gianangeli’ drums, in “Walk Away”, good riffs and the excellent voice that Sergio always shows.

“What It Takes To Win” it’s a piece in which slowly moments meets great atmosphere with good Johnny Dema’ keyboards, an intense piece that show that maturity Hangarvain  has acquired over the time, album after album.
“Disillusion” is one of my favourite song of this album, south spirit mixed to such brilliant hard rock and
scratchy guitar, the typical American sound who fascinate each Hangarvain’ album but with a new verve.
“Born And Kickin’” has a soft Van Halen imprint in its beginning, what a rock song, absolutely brilliant, another highlight for “The Great Machine”.
If you’ve not enough, there’s the beautiful “Black Betty” that gives so much energy with the powerful mix of blues, southern and stoner, great atmosphere in this track.
“Sunshine’s Memory” ends the album with a very soft and delicate touch, an elegant way to end this album.
New work, new dynamism and same exuberance for Hangarvain that’s always knows how to dare a different personality to each album  always using and dosing a good southern sound.

Valeria Campagnale.

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