Deaths Head and the Space Allusion – The Counterbalance (2019)

The Finnish melodic heavy metal band Death’s-Head And The Space Allusion releasesd their debut album “The Counterbalance” on May 3rd, 2019, via Inverse Records.

Born in 2016, the band has released one EP as well as the new full-length album “The Counterbalance”.

Dramatic synth intro for the opener ”Dopefiend Outrun”, great voice with excellent guitars are the ingredients for this track that’s shows the classic metal roots of this band, without so many frills can go straight to a hard sound and with remarkable modern varieties.

The good guitars continue in the following “Gone”, still presents in this piece as well Valtteri Virolainen’ brilliant voice that adapts to the kind of metal proposed, manages to give the idea of an excellent touch, accompanied by a melody more melancholy than the previous song.

“The Time Healer” is enriched by Antza Talala and Hemma Timonen’ faster guitars and rhythm section thanks to Juho Rikberg ‘ bass and Jussi Ontero’ drums, it gives a much more engraved and powerful sound

Brilliant intro for ”Blood Painted” a piece that can manages melody, harmony and good dose of sound balance, a song that  shows up the vocal qualities changing style and mood; really a highlight for this album.

Faster sound again for “The Seal Of Dreamland” while, for “Between The Sounds” and “Burning Desire” can reach good levels of classic roots with a very powerful sound.

“Principles Of A Mechanic Commander” ends this album with the characteristic verve and solidity of this band that shows an impeccable rough sound intertwined with melodies.

A well done album.

Valeria Campagnale.

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