Eclipse – Paradigm (2019)

Must admit I’m loving this music review game. I get pushed outside my comfort zone and get to check out some great musicians that in everyday aspects probably wouldn’t even enter my radars radius.

The latest band I got to check out is Eclipse and is no exception to this. Before checking out their latest album Paradigm I admit that I had never heard of them, which is a shame as I really enjoyed this. So because I enjoyed them so much I went on to do a bit of research about the band and checked out some of their other music on offer.
Eclipse is a four piece Rock band from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of frontman Erik Martensson, guitarist Magnus Henriksson, bassist Magnus Ulfstedt and drummer Philip Crusner. They formed back in 1999 and their debut album ” a little more” was released in 2001.
Eclipse though I had never heard them before felt and sounded familiar. By familiar I don’t mean sound like another band etc, I mean by the fact I felt at home listening to them, just like I had been listening to them for years buying album after album.  Paradigm is an album i can see myself adding to my collection.
Alot of the tracks are catchy especially “Mary Leigh”, “United” And “Take me home”. “Take me home” had a heavier intro to the rest of the tracks but track 10 ” The Masquerade” was the heaviest track on the album, not that Eclipse can really be described as heavy.

“Take me home” and “Shelter me” rivaled for my top pick off of “Paradigm” and I still can’t seperate them so they both take the gold. “Shelter me” had me lyrically being a deep and meaningful track.
All the tracks had an anthem like sound to them.
I really have to commend Eclipse for the clear vocal and purposefully meaningful lyrics to their songs, it makes them easy to listen to and for lyrical beings like myself brings much joy.
Steph Suter-James.

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