Lacuna Coil – Black Anima (2019)


Black Anima is the newest album by Gothic band Lacuna Coil. Having of released a number of beautiful tracks over the years, Lacuna hasn’t been shy of experimentation as they’ve progressed into many territories. They can be heavy, easy going and generally surprise you. Anima Nera is the opening track, it’s a simple one, just synth, a scalling riff and Cristina’s lovely vocals. Sword of anger is where the surprise hits, it starts off as a Djent track, then breaks into a symphonic track with the heaviness placed throughout. Andrea’s vocals have gotten to a death metal state ( another surprise). Reckless is next track and is pretty straight forward, the Djentness is still here but that changes with Layers of time. This is where the heavy crushes the lighter side of Lacuna, this song really stands out. It has all the elements, majestic melodies, thrashing drums, INDUSTRIAL undertones and the groove. Talk about a wakeup call. Apocalypse starts off with a charming choir and then builds up just a little on the rock side, only to slip into ballad territory.

Interesting that a song called Apocalypse is subtle, but that’s Lacuna, and having a light song to catch your breath after Layers of time, that’s genius. Now or never, has a little instrument only start then all goes north. The summit of groove, another fine metal track, those awesome time signatures, having you count each strum and hit. Well, now is the time to embrace and there’ll never be a disappointment with this album as, it’s very dimensional. Just as the vocal work by Cristina and Andrea whilst Richard, Diego and Marco shine with their gusto and compassionate playing throughout. Under the surface, digs pretty deep and becomes clear as a fine cruise offering passionate vibes, keeping the metal sharp. Veneficium is the 8th track and is another gospel/choir driven ballad and is quite powerful with bursts of energy. The end is all I can see is like a trance, it’s hypnotic middle eastern riff and clockwork drums is something that calls you name, giving you comfort. Save me ( if you haven’t asked for mercy yet, this track will give it to you) brings back the metal, it may not be HEAVY but it’s grounded, with a bit of zest. Black Anima, the title track, the song that has to live up to that inspirational artwork of the dragon and human. The track that sums up the album, well, it’s a slow burn start, clawing it’s way as it awakens the beast within. Does it? Yeah, it roars into action, with a haunting piano lick throughout. Andrea’s vocals are on fire ( how they haven’t burnt out, the man is well conditioned).


Cristina’s voice, one of an angel. Black feathers ( ok, there’s a lot of black, and we just can’t get enough) Well, this song is light, like white, so, all is evening out. Black feathers spreads out, there’s some more odd time signatures here, the Djent core is back and if you haven’t banged your head, do it. Through the flames keeps the calm nature going as this is another softer song with the usual burst of heaviness. Black dried up heart lets your soul lose, is it a full metal track? It starts off as such but settles down. There seems to be too much of these songs with this structure, but this last offering with somewhat an opposite, it’s still good, but could of done with more fast pace to really take us out. Ok, with a few hooks, this album is pretty solid, there is enough to keep you happy.



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