Street Flow (2019)

Three brothers try to survive on the streets of a tough French suburb.


Street flow is a 2019 French drama film (also known as Banlieusards) about 3 brothers a gangster, a scholar and impressionable teen.


Now be prepared thay yes it’s a foreign film so you will have to be able to look past the fact the lip to words don’t match. That aside there is a good story line that’s well worth it.
The director and one of the main actors is Kery James a French rapper, songwriter, dancer and record producer.
The eldest brother played by James is the gangster, wild, wayward, outcast by his mother and one of his brothers (Well for the most part).
The middle child is the perfect son, cares for his mother, takes pride in his education.
The youngest brother however is left to find his way, is he like his eldest brother or a perfect angel like his other brother.
Street flow can be a little slow but still a good story. It isn’t action packed but it’s worth sticking with. Although it didn’t really end the way you would expect and fell short like they forgot to write more and just cut off.
There is a debate scene that adds a bit of excitement.
Anyway you decide how you feel about it
Steph Suter-James.

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