Introspect – Ad Astra (2019)


I love having the opportunity to check out some great up and coming Australian bands. Introspect is no exception. Hailing from Sydney, this quartet is a progressive metal band with the added essence of rock and a spiritual presence.

Introspect have just recently released a new track called Ad Astra, which I took a look at the music video they have released and really enjoyed not only the clip but the track aswell. The track is coming off their EP which is due for release on the 18th of October this year. The video itself is interesting beginning with watching over water while a rocket takes off, before the band doing their thing on tidal rocks. Intriguing concept for a metal band however I like it.

Their EP Ad Astra consists of 5 tracks.

Track one is ‘Behold’ with a piano/keyboard intro which caught me by surprise, before becoming heavier with a mesmerizing guitar sound.

Track two is the name sake ‘ad astra’ which gave me a vibe of the band ‘bring me the horizon’ with its intro before leading into a softer vocal and an unexpected slower sound. Before ramping it up again as well as lyrically engaging.

Track three is ‘Sovereign’ giving me the feel of Lacuna coil with the added growly male vocal.

Track four is ‘Earthrise’ with its soft intro and a hyme note to the vocal before blowing up into a harsher sound and a whispering vocal. This track had depth and a real treat for the senses.

Track five and the final song from the EP is ‘Nyx’ with an acoustic intro, I wondered what was install this round. Slowly Nyx became drum driven before the usual pace revamp.

I came to the conclusion that Introspect is very versatile with every track and the diversity of the sound changes throughout. This is fantastic because you don’t get bored, every song offers something new. Look forward to hearing and seeing more of them and what the future holds for this band.


Steph Suter-James.

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