Of Mice and Men – Earth and Sky (2019)

My first listen Of Mice and Men’s new album has a bit of story to it, my next door neighbours probably thought I was burying a dead body hahaha (sorry not sorry).
Picture this if you will (or just humour me anyway) it was earlish morning, me in my backyard the fresh album cranked up loud, a shovel in my hand smashing up soil to make a new garden bed (not to mention I was in all black clothing). I’m surprised no police showed up to ask what the hell I was doing, but zero “beeps” were given.
Music is my happy place, it’s my soother, my escape, my motivator. I’m probably one of very few people who find peace in listening to metal while doing gardening lol.
Of Mice and Men are a band that I am very familiar with and they often feature on my regular playlists. Infact dare I say “cold world” was one of my fav albums of 2016. Now lead vocalist Aaron Pauley has a voice that really grabs me (not that I am saying Austin Carlile was any less respectable cos obviously I lobe him too).
Earth and Sky is the 6th studio Album from the Americans and it was released September 2019 through Rise Records. With an Eleven track list it definitely fed my guilty pleasure. With hard driving guitar work and a killer vocal with a knockout scream what’s not to love?
‘Gravedancer’ starts you off with an energizing sound and the powerfully screamed vocals smashes you into kneeling at their feet.
With other killer tracks to follow such as “As we suffocate”, “taste of regret” and “Pieces”. On my top track list though is “Mushroom Cloud” with its ferocious growl and grinding guitar it really awakens the soul. Another stand out was “The mountain” for much the same reason except it was more lyrical. Which is something I’ve said many times before I am a lyrical being and they rate really high for me. Though the song “Meltdown” gave me the same warm and fuzzy feeling and I think may actually be my favourite track off the album. Not that any other track felt filler, they were all fantastic and in many ways. I have so much love for it and am on listen number 3 as we speak, no sign of being bored of Earth and Sky yet..
Much Respect
Steph Suter-James.

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