Hidden Phase – The Deviant Place Theory (2019)

French alternative rock band Hidden Phase released the brand new album “The Deviant Place Theory”, a pleasant work to listen to, eight songs in which  you can breathe an air of tranquility, even though it’s a very rock but very delicate work, accentuated by a sensitive voice.
“Sell Your World“, one of my favorite piece,  can be at the same time both an excellent rock song, and a particularly suggestive piece, with a dreamy musical vision; while in “Scars”, while remaining in line with the opening track, manages to be more aggressive, with great guitars and a great rhythm section, and of course to the voice. Same for the following “Revelation”, good piece but it’s with “The Growl” the band menage a more vigor and attitude, a visionary style of a very alternative rock.
Good also the following song “Disturbing”, maybe not too innovative but very good composition and execution.
“The Curve Of Forgotten Things” is a little bit rough but definitely finer than the previous track, I’d say very good.
Also the choice to end this album with the track “From Hell” was excellent, good song, good music and good qualities for this band.
Surely a name to keep in mind, that of Hidden Phase, given this presentation, I’m almost certain that they will peep out very soon in making us listen to new music.

Valeria Campagnale.

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