Good Boys (2019)


Good boys, a comedy directed by Gene Stupnitsky and starring Jacob Tremblay, Keith L Williams and Brady Noon as Max, Lucas and Thor respectively, is an absolute riot.

Some may be turned off by the kids using fowl language, being caught up with drugs – they don’t take them, just keep them away from two women, Hannah and Lilly ( played by Molly Gordon and Midori Francis).

The boys, known as the beanbag boys are 6th graders, tweens as said by Max whenever they are called kids.  Like any young group of friends, they try to fit in and be cool. Like having a sip of beer when offered by one of the cool kids and bully, Atticus (Chance Hurstfield) this scene shows Thor and Max – Max takes a sip and Thor chickens out, he’s then called sippy cup.

The movie is in line with Stand By Me, The Sandlot, Superbad and even The Goonies, best friends going on an adventure, learning many experiences from life and wanting to try new things, such as kissing as Max is invited to the kissing party by Soren (Izaac Wang), the main cool kid. Max coaxes Soren to invite his mates Lucas and Thor, there’s also Brixlee (Millie Davis) Max’s crush who’ll be there. The boys prepare themselves by  searching how to kiss. The scene where they come across porn got many laughs at the cinema, and when they used a drone to spy on the 2 women, well, that escalated matters and sets them up for their adventure.

The film is full on, with not only swearing but all the mischief the boys get up to, it’s a well directed film and the main cast work really well together. By far one of the more fresh films in years, exciting, absolutely hilarious and sure to become a classic.



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