Dragonforce – Extreme Power Metal (2019)


Extreme Power Metal is the new album by the band whom have raised eyebrows for their guitar furies, rapid drums, euphoric synth and creative vocals.

Highway to Oblivion is the opening track – starting off like a stadium ballad, then the usual aesthetic kicks in. Blistering guitars, pummelling drums ( BLAST BEATS) but there isn’t anything really different with this track as it sounds similar to Operation Ground and Pound and Through the Fire and the Flames. Yet, we have to remember, it’s the band’s sound and their fans will love it no less.

Cosmic Power of the Infinite – this song starts off like an intro to an anime, and well, it ends up being a pretty solid offering, not a typical DF song. The Last Dragon Born has an amazing oriental intro and the main Asian theme rings throughout, this track is a ballad, a POWER ballad. It’s something different and quite soothing.

Heart Demolition, has a bit of a thrash vibe, due to it’s riff.  There’s still those synths about it,  but again, it’s not a typical DF song. So far, the album feels more focused than previous offerings, a couple surprises and for someone not overly familiar with the majority of Dragonforce’s work, this is as fun as it gets.  Then Troopers of the Stars takes the feeling away, THERE’S BLAST BEATS, but again, it’s a typical DF song ( but, fans will love it, even though it’s much the same as others of the past). Razorblade Meltdown opens with a beautiful piano passage, holding you at its mercy before POW, the song breaks up with POWER. Surprizingly, Razorblade Meltdown is a bit different and more straight to the point.

Strangers sounds very 80’s like, think the Neverending Story. It’s galloping riff and, well, it’s a fantasy song, mystic and vibrant. In a Sky Forced Dream, well, back to Dragonforce’s reality, so, there isn’t much to say. It’s fast, guitar ripples everywhere and many changes of time and structure.

Remembrance Day, starts off with a classic marching drum then blossoms into a soft paced track. It’s about war and sounds more like a Viking metal anthem than a POWER METAL anthem. A cover…… MY HEART WILL GO ON, with it’s Nintendo sounding intro, then blasting into your generic Dragonforce structure, the cover isn’t that special, just gimmicky and a stupid way to end the album. On the plus side, Dragonforce did their own thing with it, which makes it fun to some, but, such creativity could have been saved for an original.

Overall, there’s the massive guitar riffs with many solos, progressive drumming, a great use of synth and keys, and vocals, well, solid. With some different songs, yet many sounding too similar to another.



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