Samantha Fish – Kill or Be Kind (2019)

Blues singer/songwriter/guitarist Samantha Fish is back with her first album with new record label Rounder Records.
The latest offering called “kill or be kind” is one to draw emotion and easy listening., to be honest not what I would expect to enjoy as I’m not much of a blues and roots fan but thank you Samantha for this closed minded fools mind change. And in Samantha Fish’s own words this album is full of “strong messages from the heart”. Her voice was channeling her inner Amy Winehouse but way better.
“Bulletproof” kicks off the tunes with catchy attitude and a good old slide guitar that I haven’t heard in quite some time.
Title track “kill or be kind” let’s the lyrics take the lead as does slower track six “fair-weather”, which tones the music down and allows Samanthas voice to shine.
Then there are the more up tempo tracks getting the boppy blues and roots most would know come to action with tracks like truthful lyriced “watch it die”, poppy vibing with “try not to fall in love with you”, guitar soloing catchy goodness of “love your lies” and finishing off with a strong track like “you got it bad”.
There is a reason Samantha Fish has been around for the better part of a decade. She is also currently on tour, so those overseas (or willing to travel) I can imagine are in for a real treat. She is an award winning artist with many received between 2016 and 2018. Not to mention her 2 number one albums in 2015 and 2017. Though she started in 2009 she seems to be getting better with age (even though she is only 30) just like fine wine.
Blues isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but even if your not a fan of the genre, Samantha Fish is worth giving a listen.
Steph Suter-James.


  1. “Blues isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but even if your not a fan of the genre, Samantha Fish is worth giving a listen.”

    Dude, it’s not only worth a listen, it’s downright IMPORTANT.


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