Tom Keifer Band – Rise (2019)


Tom Keifer is back with his second “solo” album Rise.  Now, I say solo – however Keifer is making sure his whole band will appear in the promos released for the album. The 58year old American is definitely back in action after the end of the ‘Cinderella” fame of the 90s.

The full album, Rise, is very meaningful lyrically.  Keifers sound is very old school rock, giving me the feelings of listening to a couple of my classic favourites; especially AC/DC and Guns N Roses.  Very apparent in the tracks ‘The Death of Me’ and ‘Touching the Devine’.

From the slightly melancholy acoustic tune of ‘Waiting on the Demons’, the ballad like sound of ‘You Believe in Me’, the deep and meaningful title track ‘Rise ‘ or the catchy upbeat goodness that is ‘Hype’, the album offered diversity and something that is easy to listen to.

I really enjoy an album that is present and modern yet has the ability to feel like it’s taking you back home to the old school classics you grew up l, on and Tom Keifer Band with Rise definetly gave me that. 

I can just picture myself(and others) cranking this album in the car on a long roadtrip.


Steph Suter-James.

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