Invisible Joe and the Mushroom Gorilla – No Title (2019)

I took a listen to Invisible Joe and the Mushroom Gorilla’s “No Title” EP recently. I must admit that I struggled to figure out how to review this, and what I really made of them. But more on that later, as I feel a bit more info about the band is needed first.
Invisible Joe and the Mushroom Gorilla is a four piece Rock/Alternative band from Marburg, Germany, consisting of members Benni on bass, Mike on guitar, Aline the vocalist and Hussein on drums. Benni and Mike have alternative music backgrounds and Hussein has a metal background. Inspired by artists like Led Zeppelin, Audioslave and Garbage. Looking through pics of the band, they look chill and fun loving which suits the fact that their songs speak of everyday life, and Aline’s vocal is very raw.
They have been around since 2018 and their EP was recorded at Watt Matters Studio Bielefeld.
Anyway now that formality and introduction is done where do I go from here?
I thought to myself what an interesting name for a band, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Their EP consists of 6 tracks, Surreal, Wooden Fences, My Past, Identity, Living in Another World, and Solar.
The first track Surreal captivates you with a catchy and upbeat sound you can’t help but bop away to.
Track 5 Living in Another World is another song that the sound is super catchy, however, to me on this track the vocal fell a tad flat.
Track 6 Solar also has a great sound that’s upbeat, lyrically strong and some infectious guitar.
One thing I did notice about Invisible Joe and the Mushroom Gorilla and their No Title EP is that lyrically they are fantastic, which is something I love. Lyrics are something that resonate with me as much as sound if not more so. One of their songs, My Past, really done that for me. My Past had a “heavier” intro, lyrics strong, however I felt the vocal dropped the ball a little, stopping it becoming a real killer for me.
So you see this is why I struggled with this review and where Invisible Joe and the Mushroom Gorilla sit for me. For the most part I liked their sound, musically anyway. I wasn’t a huge fan of Aline’s vocal – though there were good points like being raw etc. Lyrically, I loved them. I also loved their artwork which had some nice script and features a rather chill looking Gorilla.
I will leave you to make your own mind up about them
Steph Suter-James.

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