Cargo Lift – Disguised (2019)

Being formed at the fall of 2016, the Greek rockers Cargo Lift have already been active, having released a new EP on 5th of May, called “Disguised”. Cargo Lift belongs to the catholic genre of rock, having as their main influences great bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Deftones, Tool, Foo Fighters, Royal Blood, Pearl Jam, Audioslave, Tool and Faith No More.
Their music is characterized by energy and power, characteristics that appear due to Joe F.K’s and Nick Georgitsopoulos’ production, from Fireball Music Studio.
From Thessaloniki, Cargo Lift propose four good track of good heavy rock  in which we can notice a good mix of sounds that combines rock sometimes even stoner, to a sound deeply metal.
“I Won’t Fall” opens the EP with a good charge, between the brilliant drum and bass and the electric (in all sense) guitar and, Kostas’ voice is pretty melodic and its reach good level.
The second track “The Way Out” sees another brilliant work with Alex’ drums and Paul’ bass, adding the excellent Chris’ stoner guitar, we can have a more complete vision in this piece, of a band matured musically and with clear ideas about their own identity.
“Harbor Wall” is a track with a distinct cadence, clear and, which reminds me vaguely the early Placebo with the
addition of a good dose of metal sound. One of my favorite songs of this work, in which it overlooks both a great sound, both a good vocal timbre and with a hypnotizing atmosphere.
“All In Vain” is instead a piece with a purely stoner sound at its beginning that softens immediately with the melody of the voice and the delicacy of the sound, an interesting song that follows the harmony of the previous song, without ever forgetting the basics of a hard rock with metal reminiscences.
With “Disguised”, Cargo Lift  shows a mature band with very clear ideas about what they propose, no frills, no frills, a good dose of rock charge with various nuances that manage to capture the attention of the listener and, I have no doubt that this EP can be a good basis for a future album.

Valeria Campagnale

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