Redstarborn – Pariah (2019)


Formed in 2012, Redstarborn, have steadily been building a rabidly loyal fan base, and as I listen to their first full length album, it’s easy to see and hear what makes this band appeal to the masses.  

 With a sound that teeters on the edge of traditional metal and classic rock, while also sounding completely current – not to mention a vocalist who can pull off all of the styles required, plus more, I’m sure.  

Opening with The Threshing Floor, Redstarborn kick things off with an immense riff and a guttural growl.  The production values are extremely crisp, and the entire package sounds amazing for it.  Dan Newton really has a unique voice, and isn’t afraid to use his full range, which really bolsters the songs.

Galloping guitars are the star of Cellophane.  It’s a traditional metal styled song, lifted again by the vocal performance by Newton.  You’re On Your Own is a chugging riff feat, full of groove and catchy hooks.  These first three tracks have all proved to be highlights so far – not a bad song in sight, nothing even approaches average.  

Pariah (Better This Way) is an anthem worthy of commercial radio play (not that that will happen, seeing as Australian radio ignores its own countries talents –  but that’s a rant for another day).  Someone borders on ballad territory, showing a different side of the band.  The guitar and vocals are both dripping with feeling here, and while I love the big hard rock sound from Redstarborn, this suits them just as well.

Days Of Letting Go opens with an interesting atmospheric, almost electronic vibe before delivering more epic riffs, and another stellar vocal from Newton, while Girlfriend still has its moments, but ultimately is the first song that doesn’t really grab me.

Watch the World Burn on the other hand, hits all the marks.  The stuttering riff is brilliant, the vocals are fantastic, and the entire track comes together perfectly.  Actually, the recurring guitar riff is completely infectious.  Unbroken opens with a softly strummed guitar with wailing sirens over the top.  It takes us back into ballad territory, and is extremely well executed.  

Bleeding Heart offers up a squealing pig in its opening moments, and then becomes the heaviest and arguably the fastest track on the album.  It still holds on to those bold classic rock styled vocals at times, and its heaviness is never at the expense of melody.  

To finish off the album proper, we have Crystal Clear.  Although not the strongest song of the album, it does have its moments, so fairly well placed really.  As a bonus track, we have Broken.  An acoustic re-working of Unbroken, that’s adds new depth to a heartfelt track.

All said and done, Pariah is a really strong album from a band that has an ever growing fan base.  Continuing on their current trajectory, and with the right support, Redstarborn will have a great future.


Shayne McGowan.

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