Crashdiet – Rust (2019)


In a career that has had more downs than ups, none more crushing than the suicide of their original frontman, Crashdiet persevere and continue to release new music.  Having just released their latest effort, Rust, the band have delivered an album that is their strongest in a long while, and an album that rates amongst their best.

The title track, Rust, is a strong opener.  Anthemic, catchy, near perfect actually.  If you can get through this track without thinking of the song Dr Feelgood, then maybe it was just me….

Into The Wild follows up well. It’s another catchy number, making impeccable use of harmonies in the gang vocals, and there are some great guitar riffs on offer throughout.

Idiots takes a look at the dumbing down of society, while delivering chugging riffs and some fantastic vocals from Gabriel Keyes- who is a fantastic addition to the band.

In The Maze takes it back a notch for a softer, more heartfelt track.  In saying that though, there is some brilliant lead guitar here, and again, the vocals are great.  We Are the Legion throws an acoustic opening at us, before delivering massive riffs, blistering leads and anthemic choruses making for an excellent rocker.

The use of gang vocals throughout this album is awesome.  I’m a major sucker for gang vocals, and the way Crashdiet uses them with such harmony is something that adds such great effect to the music.  Crazy is a perfect example of that.  It’s a huge rock track, but those harmonies really bring it to life.

Parasite adds nothing new to the Crashdiet sound, but it is executed well.  So far, this has been their best album since 2010’s Generation Wild.  Waiting For Your Love enters ballad territory – and introduces electronic elements, something that was a little unexpected.  Honestly, it’s the weakest track of the album.

Reptile, on the other hand, is fast and heavy and a welcome number after the dullness of its predecessor.  Stop Weirding Me Out keeps the speed up, but somehow lacks energy at the same time, while to close out the album, Filth and Flowers takes us in to full blown anthem territory – this would kill in arenas.  Chugging riffs, more perfect gang vocals and it’s catchy to boot.  A great album closer.

With the exception of a few tracks, this is easily Crashdiets best release in close to a decade.


Shayne McGowan.

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