Gallia – Everflame (2019)


Gallia is a five-piece symphonic metal band from Belgium with original songs and a strong passion for music, the EP “Everflame” evidences it with six pieces that carry the listener into a baroque sound without ever abandoning the effective metal root, showing
fierce guitars and a hard rhythm.
The music of Gallia is not only this, it spokes it goes further, with the addition of Gregorian choirs, prog, and folk. A very high level of ambition and as long as you don’t listen to the songs, this description can be overblown.

“Everflame” is able to show a band with a strong personality and great ideas and, although I always prefer male voices in singing, I must admit that Elyn Vandenwyngaert has a very interesting and well interpretative voice.
The EP opens with a very interesting piece, “Rain Starlight”, in which there are prog veins and in which the guitars of Yannick Maris and Davy Coningx are very noticeable.

Absolutely brilliant is the second track “Devil’s Cry”, the highlight of the whole EP with a good Laurens Vandebroek’ bass work together with Dieter Vantilt’ drumming, a good rhythm section fr this piece.

With a semi epic sound, the other tracks worth the attention, especially for “Papercuts” and “Fight Of Fools“ with a particular accent on the metal sounds but, also the songs “Rise Of The Fallen” and “Frozen Sun” have their own charm, tracks of sure fascination for this work that makes us discover talented musicians.

“Everflame” is definitely an interesting debut, waiting for a full-length in which to rediscover new sounds and alchemical interweaving, let’s enjoy this EP.

Valeria Campagnale.

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