Chasing Embers – Beckoning Call (2019)

Firstly this is my first music review, so this is unfamiliar territory. That aside, I’m glad ‘Chasing Embers’ took my music review virginity because I enjoyed listening to their music and learning a bit about the band itself.
Chasing Embers hail from Kylv (in the Ukraine). They were founded by drummer Vladyslav Pospolitak and previous bandmate from another project Alexey Hrankyn. However, things really fell into place when in 2016 July Tallina joined them as frontwoman (despite them originally chasing a male vocal). Later in the piece they added 2 more members (guitar and bass) Oleksandr Zahorulla and Vladyslav Kachanovskyl.
Chasing Embers sound is like old school and nu metal had a baby but I guess on paper Alternative/ nu metal.
After listening to their first full length album ‘ Beckoning Call’ I discovered they often like to let the guitars do all the talking and that they seem to be a fan of long intros (as most songs intros are 1min or more). Julys female vocal is strong and well suited to their style and sound. Infact in 2 of their songs ‘Spiritual’ and ‘Drown with me’ I got a strong Lacuna Coil vibe dare I say.
Alot of their tracks contain vast instrumental components letting their music do the talking rather than the vocals.
Their track ‘Carnage’ slows things down and mellows the album out for a time with tame melody and piano however including a beautiful guitar solo around 2 mins in. This shows some incredible versatility.
There were a couple of tracks that I felt were a little bit ‘filler’ but that can be forgiven and I still believe ‘Beckoning Call’ is a strong album that’s worth the listen. For me the stand out track was ‘Spiritual’.
The artwork for the album cover I really liked, simple but pleasant. From the images I have seen of Chasing Embers their look to me appears goth meets medieval which appeals to my little black heart.
Anyhow, i quite enjoyed this album and a few tracks may just make their way onto my playlist. I’m sure many others will enjoy Chasing Embers and their Album Beckoning call also.
Steph Suter-James

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